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    Some of you guys might already heard about Shenmue City (if not check out the latest news at the Shenmue Dojo Website or this preview by, so what do you think about that?

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  • I think it's good news for reviving interest in the series and for preparing the way for a possible Shenmue 3 (Yu Suzuki still continues to say that he wants to do the game). The next step should be to bring the first two games to the Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network (or even to the 3DS). I think it's only a question of time until we see Shenmue 3, we just need some big company to put the money for the project (lately, Sega is always giving hints to the big companies to come and give money for the creation of Shenmue 3).

  • Couldn't have said it any better myself, Rob.

    As soon as they announce Shenmue for PSN/XBLA, I will be alll over that sh*t!

    And if that proves to be successful (which I'm sure it will since most Shenmue fans will want to buy those enhanced ports), it could lead to Shenmue III.

    I've noticed that a lot of Shenmue information has been finding it's way out recently, and that could be to do with excitement over the Dreamcast games coming to PSN/XBLA, or the fact that Shenmue Gai has just been released in Japan, with a possible western release in 2011.

    This is an exciting time. Let's hope this leads to our long-awaited sequel!

  • Unfortunetely, I don't think the PSN/XBLA ports will be enhanced at all, they will probably be poor conversions like they just did with Taxi Driver and Sonic Adventure. I hope I'm wrong. But anyway, it will help to expose the game to new people, and to give fans the chance to play them again in new platforms.

  • I would love to see the both Shenmue games as PSN/XBLA rereleases, but Rob might be right... i mean Crazy Taxi is ok, but the conversion of sonic adventure is really really bad.

    But anyway, concerning the topic. I think this shenmue gai thing isn't what we all are waiting for, but at least its somethin. Lets take it as a first step in bringing the shenmue franchise back from the grave. Shenmue is now a hot topic again, not only in the fanscene, but in the whole videogamescene. So i'm really lookin forward to the next 1-2 years, maybe there will be that announcment we are all waitin for... :)

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    Soon there will be a Dreamcast Collection for 360 and/or PS3 including the best (selling) games from this era. It's not official yet so nobody knows if Shenmue will be on the disk but this release will make it almost impossible for Shenmue to be released on PSN/XBLA as a single game.

    BTW: I just added an image from Mitsuyoshi Takeshi taken in 2007 during an autograph session. I hope you like it ;)

  • I am currently living in Japan, I have to admit that the game hasn't really been marketed at all here. Its never a good sign when yahoo announces the game before Sega do. As far as I'm aware it's going to be available on yahoo's mobile phone service and will offer a limited rock/paper/scissors battle system using locations from the first game.

    When I see it available on yahoo, I will will definetly give it a try.

    Atleast it seems Ryo has been forgotten about, a cameo in Sega Superstar Racing and now a social mobile game.

    Perhaps at next years TGS we might hear something!

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