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  • Weekly Top Chart

    Well, just so we can share our music, i have started this topic! hehe XD

    Every week when Weekly Top Chart is updated, we can upload the 10 songs that are on that chart. I recomment yousendit or youshareit or your own server to upload! So if you wanna participate feel free to join in!!!

    • lys said...
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    • 22 Feb 2005, 01:55
    Hmm, interesting! So are we starting with the top chart we've got now? I have two of the top 10 songs, (SOUL'd OUT's "To all tha dreamers" and DAI's "For the Future".. actually, I have Namie Amuro's "Four Seasons" too...) so I can upload those somewhere and edit this post with the links then ... at the moment I'm feeling a little lazy or I'd do it before posting this ... ^^;

    (edited like two minutes later)
    SOUL'd OUT - To All Tha Dreamers
    Do As Infinity - For the Future
    Aaaand ... the other one isn't wanting to upload. So I'll try again later, or someone else can, or whatever ...

    Forums are good for wasting time that should be spent on homework.

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    • lys said...
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    • 22 Feb 2005, 03:00
    ... ohhhh, our own page's top ten list, not the group's. Okay ... haha. I see now ^^;; Well, I'll leave those other songs up and make my own list now!

    1. Rie Fu - Beautiful Words
    (<3<3 I love all her music soooooo much)
    2. OLIVIA - SpidER Spins
    2. Nanase Aikawa - Yumemiru Shoujo ja Irarenai
    2. The Babystars - SUNDAY
    2. KOKIA - ningen tte sonna mono ne
    2. rumania montevideo - Sub channel
    2. TOMMY?ANGELS - Everyday At The Bus Stop (Angels Ver.)
    2. the brilliant green - hidoi ame
    2. The Babystars - aria

    I did the top 9, because the 10th wasn't j-music and also wasn't one I really know anything about (it's just one of those songs that wound up on my playlist mysteriously .. ). I dunno how "top" these really are, considering they were only played twice each for the most part ... but it's a nice variety, or something, right?

    I got the Black Biscuits song from you, Hana. I like that it has multiple vocalists :D

  • Well Heres my Top 7 Recent Top Tracks that are J-Related. (Seeing as how my Playlist is Trance-biased. Ugh... @_@) Did what I could, enjoy!

    http://s32.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0HQ0J3D34KNE233MT63MLJPZTV - Do As Infinity: Fukai Mori

    http://s32.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3LHX1OO35XHWA1F5J7MAFQSYQP - Faye Wong: Hong Dou

    http://s32.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2S378JT165BKD08OMX504FUYQW - Do As Infinity: SUMMER DAYS

    http://s32.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=02C7Y1H0JDVQ72J378MLIO589L - The Pillows: Blues Drive Monster

    http://s32.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2KQ2GX3CVJ5MU2U8SUJZHG0HLL - Faye Wong: Sky

    http://s32.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0BVZ751XVGY8O0GX4FX04E5I6D - BoA*: Kimochi Wa Tsutawaru

    http://s32.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0FMJYRC63STI1H5XWAOHGTE5W - Tanaka Rie: Raison D'Etre

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  • yay!!! i snatched Do As Infinity: SUMMER DAYS! Thankies!

    sorrie for the mix-up lys!

  • I Grabbed Black Biscuit and Beautiful Words, and probably more later, but in the meantime I'm getting a ton of albums (KOKIA, Lee Jung Hyun, Mini Moni, and Bonnie Pink, in case you need anything from them, let me know. Mmm the KOKIA fix is finally gonna be maxed for me. Woo @_@) I'll probably grab them all if I dont have them. Yey! Thank yooou~

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  • I grabbed a couple, Rie and Olivia thanks!!! I couldn't make the yousendit's work though. I think you have to link them?

    Since I just joined on about the 20th my top track list is a kind of weird reflection of my listening (mostly was my leaving stuff playing to get my track count up, I'm ashamed to say) so I'll wait until next week to list some. But, in the meanwhile, if anyone sees anything they want, just let me know.

  • Which songs? I just noticed a few of mine exploded. @_@ I'll fix them.

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    • lys said...
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    • 22 Feb 2005, 19:25
    :D schmedgar (i enjoy your name, by the way), do you like Olivia and Rie Fu? I love them both a lot! (those two and brilliant green are, like, my favourites ever) I can post more if you want ... ? And I was looking at your page the other day and noticed some Disney movie songs in Japanese/Korean ... where did you find those? They sound interesting ..

  • It's great to have you here schmedgar! Don't worrie about posting your songs! hehe. Sorrie the links are not directly linked... just realized how to do that, so next week I'll do it the right way ^__^

    • djkc said...
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    • 24 Feb 2005, 03:29
    Quoth YuIsMyAntiDrug:
    2. 7AIR (Not sure what song...)

    They only had one song - "Kowarenai Ai ga Hoshii no"

  • ohhh okay! Thanks so much for the info!!!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 29 Mar 2005, 03:02
    Reviving this topic... I won't post all of the top 10, because some are korean (unless you guys want me to upload kpop stuff too)...

    1. 島谷ひとみ (Hitomi Shimatani) - SHANTY (crossover version) (recommended)
    1. 島谷ひとみ (Hitomi Shimatani) - Z!Z!Z! (crossover version)
    1. Heartsdales - We Love The Music
    4. Crystal Kay - LOVE it TAKE it
    4. SE7EN - Chiri Boshi
    4. 은지원 (Eun Ji Won) - SLUSE (Feat. Tyfoon) [Kpop]
    4. COLOR - Move So Fast
    4. Soulciety - Tell Me [Kpop]
    4. Crystal Kay - Baby Cop Featuring Mummy-D (Maboroshi) (recommended)
    4. Heartsdales - Paradise feat. Kato Miliyah

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