Your fav. Beatles album(s)?

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    • 4 Sep 2008, 14:22

    Your fav. Beatles album(s)?

    Help!, actually just because of "you've got to hide your love away" and the title track.

    Well, here's what my charts say:

    Rubber Soul
    With The Beatles
    Abbey Road
    A Hard Day's Night
    Sgt. Pepper's Lonley Hearts Club
    Please Please Me
    The Beatles
    Beatles For Sale
    Let It Be
    Magical Mystery Tour

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  • I love A Hard Day's Night, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Help!, White Album, Please Please Me and Revolver the most, others are really good, but these are excellent, pure genius.

    Tell me I'm your national anthem.
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    • 12 Sep 2008, 16:18
    I love the early songs (1962-63), also a few 1964-65 songs, Revolver and I also like The White album and other psychedelic songs of that time (1967-68). I must recognize that I have listened few time Sgt Peppers, I find the album a bit too psychedelic. But generally, I love all Beatles songs, apart from some exceptions (Rubber Soul is the less good album according to me).

  • Revolver, Rubber Soul, Sgt. Pepper's and the White Album are the ones I've really worn out. It's hard to pick an absolute favorite out of these. Pepper's was the first one I discovered back when I was a little kid and it's stuck with me the longest, so I'll go for that one.

    You don't have to die to go to heaven
    Or hang around to be born again
    Just tune into what this place has got to offer
    Cause we may never be here again
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    • 16 Sep 2008, 14:45
    > my fav. 3 :

    St. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

    Abbey Road


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    • 17 Sep 2008, 15:21
    Help! .
    Abbey Road .
    The White Album .
    Rubber Soul .

  • Out of the four I heard, Revolver. It's amazing.

    "... I feel the sense of possibilities..."
    "... I feel the wrench of hard realities..."
    The Camera Eye
  • The Blue Album <3

    • beccaa said...
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    • 28 Sep 2008, 14:06
    magical mystery tour & sgt. peppers lonely heart club band <3

    • RafaRR said...
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    • 2 Oct 2008, 19:04
    The white album is so multifacetic mixing all kind of generes . All of the beatles album made a great influence in todays rock and pop music, but the white album inpired also new folk ,alt. country , psychodelia, and even electronic music. I think is one of the most influencial albums of all the times.

  • ...

    Abbey Road... almoust each song is my favourite)

  • My favorites are Abbey Road, the White Album, and Revolver. But I really do love each and every one.

  • Sgt. Peppers, White Album, Revolver, Rubber Soul, Beatles For Sale. I love all the other albums but those are my favorite.

    • diatado said...
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    • 11 Jun 2009, 20:35
    Sgt. Pepper's
    Abbey Road
    White Album

  • abbey road
    magical mystery tour
    sgt pepper
    let it be
    white album

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    • 28 Aug 2009, 07:00
    Rubber Soul
    Beatles for sale
    Hard day's night

  • Help! + The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl

    • Dekkul said...
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    • 17 Jan 2010, 12:10
    By far Revolver, Abbey Road, Sgt Peppers and MMT are the best. After that, Rubber Soul, The Beatles, Let It Be and Beatles For Sale.

    Help, Please Please Me, With The Beatles aren't their best at all :)

    va salut, fanilor
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