Learning Ladino?

  • Learning Ladino?

    For those who know Spanish, understanding Ladino probably isn't a big problem. Those who don't, have two alternatives: learning Spanish or (more complicated choice) learning Ladino. Why do I say "more complicated choice"? Simply because there are hardly any learning materials available. Despite this fact, I prefer the second option, that is, learning the original language, mostly because if you never knew any Spanish before, what you would learn would be clear Ladino, an opposite to trying to put your Spanish into Ladino frames. That's the same thing people experience with German and Yiddish. Those who know German, understand Yiddish pretty well, but when they try to speak Yiddish themselves, they inevitably do some mixing with German. So it's like a two-sided coin, on one hand, knowing Spanish (German) helps you a lot in understanding Ladino (Yiddish), on the other hand, it may be hard to distinguish between these two ACTUALLY DIFFERENT languages.

    As I already mentioned, finding Ladino materials is difficult and the internet most likely won't help you if you really wanna learn this language, but I really liked one page (for the beginning):

    Feel free to share other resources about learning/understanding Ladino!

    וגלגלי המים / נשאו אותה הרחק / וגלגלי המים / שבו איתה לחיק ...
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