Hardrock-ish recommendations for a seeker of the riff

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    • 30 Jun 2010, 23:18

    Hardrock-ish recommendations for a seeker of the riff

    I have always been interested in the power of the riff, whether it be heavy doom stuff, classic heavy metal, psychedelic and stoner rock/metal.
    Ever since I discovered 70's era (psychedelic) rock I've fallen in love with the psychedelic-tinged style of raw, flowing, almost organic riffing style.
    The music I'm enjoying the most nowadays is more hardrock-ish music.
    Not all of it typically falls under the category of 'hardrock', but if I list the bands some of you might have a good idea of the style of sound I want to discover new bands in.

    I absolutely love stuff like:

    Stone Axe
    Night Horse
    The Parlor Mob
    Ape Machine

    Especially Stonerider, Stone Axe and Night Horse have albums filled with great riffs and powerful vocals that I can just listen back to back and enjoy just about every second of it.
    Ape Machine is a tad more bluesier, but I really really love them as well.
    It's just music where there seem to be lots of hidden gems to be discovered.
    The few I did find by myself have gotten an overkill of consecutive plays anyway.

    Anyone know of good recommendations?
    I have a fairly large collection of stoner(/doom) rock/metal, both generic and truly awesome stuff (Graveyard and Witchcraft to name a few), so I really like that stuff as well, it's just that I'm really looking for more hardrock-ish stuff.

    Any ideas for similar music?
    It can be both contemporary stuff and 70's era hardrock, the timeframe does not matter at all to me :)

  • I'd check out Chylde, Sleepy Sun, Dead Meadow and Darker My Love if you haven't already. It's all really psychedelic rock, not really any doom. If you want heavier stuff try Ufomammut and Church of Misery.

  • Try JPT Scareband or High Tide

  • Bang, Sir Lord Baltimore, Grand Funk Railroad, Leaf Hound, and Wo Fat all come to mind instantly.
    I second Dead Meadow.

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  • Maybe take a look at Lake of Tears and particularly their album A Crimson Cosmos.

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  • New Zealand Stoner Rock/Metal

    DCLXVI from down under.

    > Stone Angels // Blackened doom/sludge/stoner - http://stoneangelsnz.bandcamp.com/

    > Second Gear Grind // Downtuned stoner rock/doom/fuzz rock -

    > The House of Capricorn // Devil rock, stoner rock -

    > Sinistrous Diabolus // doom metal -

    > Shallow Grave // hypnotic doom metal -

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