Favourite Scrubs Character and Why!

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    • 23 Mar 2010, 10:24
    1 Dr Cox, Jordan, Janitor, Carla
    2 JD, Elliot, Turk
    3 Kelso, Ted

  • 1) Dr. Cox: I LOVE his speeches when somebody does something stupid.
    2) Turk & JD together: Their relationship is quite funny and it always causes very funny situations.
    3) Kelso: He's a great fucking asshole.

  • 1)JD: like his humour sense,it's close to mine,and also he's a bit nerd,so am i) and i'm a big Zak Braff fan as an actor and his "Garden state" is awsome
    2)Dr.Cox: dreaming of an ability to speak like him
    3)Jordan: she's really HOT

  • 1) Dr. Cox & Janitor
    2) Jordan
    3) ''Acapella-Team'' (=> ''Air-Band'')

    and 4) the rest =)

    • brtsbrg said...
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    • 28 Apr 2010, 18:37
    Janitor, he is just soooooo random!!!

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  • Cox
    Janitor - forever =D

  • 1. Dr. Perry Cox n' his #1, Drew Suffin (from 9th series), 'cause they're extremely hot, sarcastic n' I love their quirks!

    2. Jordan, Carla n' Dr. Denise Mahoney (from 9th series) 'cause they're tough womens in man's world...

    3. Turk & JD 'cause of their guy love, between two guys ;P

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  • Cox
    Turk & JD

  • JD is just jd I love him and now he is gone !!!!!!

  • Jordan and Cox.

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    • 25 Jul 2010, 14:02

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    • 31 Jul 2010, 02:25
    Dr. Cox! Hes so rude and funny! I just love his ranting. XD

  • Well I'm not orginal but:

    1) Dr Cox - he wants to be mean , but we know that he cares and I love the way that he loves Jordan
    2) JD- just because he is so different. so strange and I like his humor sense. I like everything about him

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    • F3eos said...
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    • 5 Aug 2010, 16:27
    I am like any of them, a little...

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 14 Aug 2010, 15:33
    As much as I love Dr. Cox atheist/arrogant/speech-giver ass... Im gonna stick with the Janitor for best character.

    That dude rise the bar of hilarious crazyness on a stratospheric level =D

  • Cox

  • Janitor - lovably insane character and best (mostly ad-lib) lines

    Jordan Sullivan - lovably insane character and best-looking woman in the series

    Perry Cox - hey, it's Dr Cox. ;-)

    • domell1 said...
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    • 23 Sep 2010, 14:02
    Dr. Cox !!!!!!!!!!!! What more should I write :D you know why :)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 25 Sep 2010, 05:02
    janitor and cox ;]

  • JD, Dr. Cox, Ted and The Janitor!

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  • Turk, because I love his bromance with J.D. Also, The Todd, for obvious reasons.

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  • 1. Dr. Cox - I probably don't need to explain this

    2. Elliot Read - I like the way she is upset and when she is speaking fast
    and in such a high tone, you almost can't understand her

    3. JD - It's always funny, when JD trys to be cool, but behaves in the end like an
    insecure girl

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