Favourite Scrubs Character and Why!

  • Favourite Scrubs Character and Why!

    Well im gonna stae my claim for my top 3...

    1. Dr Cox - His mannerisms when ranting are just reeh-heeh-heally good! they fit so well and always make me burst out with laughter... and NO i'm not joking... not now... not ever!

    2. Elliot Reid - Shes so funny! The best way i can describe her is as Dr Cox says a "neurotic one-woman freak show" shes just make me laugh in so many different ways, like when shes talking with JD (i think) he gives her some advice and she just bursts out " WELL YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!"

    3. Janitor - Once again the ways he tortures JD in a similar way to Cox is just hilarious... "you seem unhappy... I like that"

    • Geider said...
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    • 5 Mar 2006, 14:45
    1. Janitor - he simply rocks. the best lines bestscenes. i just love it when he is trying to convince bobo that he forgetts things.

    2. J.D - probably becouse i regognise his situations many times, plus he is really funny

    3. Ted - well what can i say?

  • 1. JD - he just has so many weird quirks and a really naive way about him which makes him hilarious. i especially love the scenarios he thinks of in his head. what an imagination :P. yeah and i guess i can relate to his weirdness-es so that's why he's my favourite.

    • CTerry said...
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    • 8 Mar 2006, 10:10
    1. Dr. Cox

    2. THE Todd.

    3. Dr. Jan I Tor!

  • 1. The Janitor - He plays the greatest tricks on JD, and I love the episode where he incorporates JD into his group because that funny old doctor told him to look out for him.

    2. Dr Cox - The classic father figure who doesn't really want to be. His quips are cool.

    3. JD - Star of the show! How can he not be in the top 3? Sometimes annoys me though... that's why he can't be any higher... Todd almost takes his place, just for the record!

    Simple as that.


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  • I honestly have no favourites. They're all just amazing.

  • The Todd hands down. I wish he was in it more also....but that means that they would have to go more in depth about his character and i like the fact that all we know is hes obsessed with anyhting to do with sex yet, chances are he's either gay or never had it.

    Dr. Cox: If you worked out anymore I'd think your gay/
    The Todd: Oh I'm gonna work out more!


    The Todd:Why dont any girls like me?
    Nurse: Becuase of you turn everyhting into a double entendre.
    (nurse leaves)
    Turk: Go ahead.
    The Todd: I'd like to double her entendre.

    On your mark, get set.....die awkwardly.
    • ygrer said...
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    • 27 Apr 2006, 11:38
    J.D. - cause i think he has the character with the most shades.

    • koemer said...
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    • 30 Apr 2006, 17:04
    I like J.D., Turk, Kelso and Cox the most.
    If i had to choose one, i'd say Cox, because i love his monologues and his stance on life and mankind. hil-a-ri-ous.

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  • Dr. Cox: His mannerisms and one liners are great. Plus he really has a heart for what he's doing.

    JD: His nerdiness never ceases to amaze me.

    Elliot Reid: She's a great complimentary character to JD. Her relationships with the rest of the people, and naive-ness about most everything make her a very entertaining character.

    • Niss1 said...
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    • 2 May 2006, 15:05
    JD - the way he just drifts off, whenever...

  • god, i can't believe i'm the first

    1. franklyn

    'heyyy, good lookin', whatcha got cookin?' in chinese is the best thing EVER

  • haha yeah i remember that... lol.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 May 2006, 04:49

    or just look

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 May 2006, 16:31
    lol take a guess

  • Dr. Cox - oh man everything about him is so awesome, mannerisms, monologues, take on life etc =D best ever

  • I would like to name a top three but I'm just having too much trouble deciding between Ted, Cox, Kelso, JD and the Janitor.

    Well... um...

    1. Ted. He is awesome. Every single one of his scenes makes me laugh.

    2. J.D. He is so quirky and has the coolest imagination ever. One which I can relate to quite personally.

    3. Doug. I just thought of him now. I probably don't like him as much as Kelso or the Janitor but I do think he is really great and really funny and I just chose him because nobody else has yet.

    I love the "I don't know if I have to give this to someone or if I took it from someone, but I got a bag of blood" line.

  • Dr. Cox and the Janitor

    • ethone said...
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    • 19 Jul 2006, 10:00
    Was JD, but now it sort of all melted together, they all became "the family". Picking a favorite would be like chosing which one of your kids you love most. :)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 20 Jul 2006, 12:06
    dr. cox and the inservient man

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Jul 2006, 22:26
    Dr. Cox- There is no need to explain why ;)

  • 1. Dr. Cox
    2. J.D
    3. Bob Kelso
    4. Carla's Brother(how can you not love him?)

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  • double post =(

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 26 Jul 2006, 18:08
    Theodore :D He's so ... funny :D

  • Dr Cox, his wife and the janitor B-)

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