• ScrobRhapsody Rhapsody plug-in - Updated 10/28/2008 ver 0.2

    29 Oct 2008, 12:04 by stratagen14

    The latest update to the ScrobRhapsody plug-in has been released and is available at The update addresses two issues.

    1) The double ampersand "&&" showing in the title, artist and album tags has been corrected.

    2) A solution to the plays not getting scrobbled when Rhapsody was in countdown mode has been identified and included in this update.

    I appreciate all the feedback! Please report any problems so I can get them fixed.

    Thank you,

  • Rhapsody plug-in

    13 Oct 2008, 01:12 by stratagen14

    ScrobRhapsody - .

    I have been using it for a couple of months now. This plug-in does not use the web services so this is another option for scrobbling to Last.FM with Rhapsody. The installer will check that Rhapsody is installed on the machine before installing the plug-in. The installer also verifies that the Last.FM client software is installed. This is all BETA software and I expect more problems to get shook out with more people using it.

    If you are picky about tags take a look at my history to see if the meta-data the plug-in is capturing will suite you. I currently have filtered out all of the [explicit]'s. This may be an area I could do some more work on. I am open to any and all suggestions. Right now it uses the track info displayed in the Rhapsody client.

    The installer is something I put together today. It does not do much in the way of error handling. I suggest shutting down Rhapsody before attempting the install. The installer is based on wix, and is new to me. I have never liked building installers. I think I may use wix again on future projects. If the installer causes any problems let me know.

    Thanks for looking :)

  • Realplayer plug-in

    22 Jun 2008, 05:14 by stratagen14

    REALPLAYER R11 Plug-in for windows
    The LastFM plug-in for Realplayer 11 is pretty much complete. ScrobRealPlayer.dll will hook Realplayer up with the LastFM client software. The plug-in download is available here.

    Only mp3 plays will get scrobbled. So no video, streams or plays will be transmitted to the LastFM servers with this plug-in. Just plain old mp3 plays for now. Playing music directly from Audio CD's do not get scrobbled, but since it is so easy to rip CD's to a MP3 with Realplayer 11, I did not consider it a show stopper. I am not bothering with creating an installer for the plug-in. So, to install just copy the ScrobRealPlayer.dll file to <drive>:/Program files/Common files/Real/plugins directory on your computer. You will need to restart Realplayer to get it running.