Scrobblers Against Paying For Beer

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Created on: 9 Nov 2005
Who cares about politics?
- Free beer for the nation!

The Organization for Totaly Needless Information enlightens up:

Places you can get a free beer:
1. At your friends house, if they got beer.
2. In Germany, there's a Anarchist Pogo Party that promised at 1998 to pay their voters with free beer.
3. At some alternative club in Denmark. Or at least that's what Christian told me.
4. At Olga's university, straight from the barrel!
So the next time some dork comes to you and says there no free beer at this world, know he's wrong!!6

Free beer tastes like freedom and other people's money spent!

Stuff you can do with a free beer:
1. Splash it all over the place.
2. Splash it on other people.
3. Wash the floor with it.
4. Wash the dishes with it (Am I the only one who made a beer with the soap while washing the glasses from a very young age?)
5. Try to water the plants with it.
6. Smash full battle on the wall and watch the effect.
7. Try to make skates out of it.
8. Try to make a rocket out it (I think champagne will serve the purpose better, but still)
9. Try to boil it and see what happens.
10. Well, and drink it is also an option.
* Some of the actions above might cause undesirable side effects like getting beaten up or kicked out.

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