Music in Science Fiction movies

  • Music in Science Fiction movies


    I'm studying musicology and currently researching into the topic "music in unreal or futuristic worlds". I´m especially looking for science fiction movies where music plays a dominant role.

    So, my question to you is:

    Do you know any movies with interesting concepts about how music could sound in a future world? Or movies that have an exceptional soundtrack and sound design?

  • Here's the first few examples which spring immediately to mind:

    The way Stanley Kubrick welds the music of György Ligeti to the 'Jupiter and Beyond' scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey. All of the movie 2001 is a sound, silence and music experience. Kubrick creates a journey through images and ideas but all through the silence of space into which sounds intrude in various ways.

    Second thought: Blade Runner. The music of Vangelis and other musical elements such as retro style singing by Peter Skellern. Advertising is digitised onto the side of buildings in 2019 LA. The music and other sounds combine in a distopian soundscape. The music sounds sometimes bluesy, sometimes classical, sometimes 'other'.

    I think the relationship between science fiction and classical music is interesting. The period of high classicism is remembered also as the period of the great European empires. Napoleon and the British, the Dutch, the Spanish, The Russians etc. Their aspirations to rule the greatest amount of territory were reflected in the crash and rolling thunder of large orchestral works while their respect for civilised behaviour was relected in neat, tidy chamber music. In science fiction the building of great empires expands into stranger landscapes than ever before and the elegant style of chamber music lends itself very conveniently to the portrayal of cybernetic systems.

    Bombastic music which 'boldly goes' is balanced by tight protocols and subroutines of electronica. Retro elements of delta blues or vaudeville and cabaret remind us that the future is not cut all from one cloth.

    Experimental music by pioneers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen or Terry Riley can be used to open the way to the soundscapes where the mind is disorientated and new ways of processing information are necessary.

  • Ligeti

    I've played the Ligeti piece with the Plymouth Symphony Orchestra and it really does transport you, as a part of the sound production, to another place entirely. The amount of concentration needed to play it is intense and you cannot help being drawn into the music.

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  • Alain Goraguer's score for the animated science fiction film La planète sauvage is superb!

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