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Created on: 14 May 2012
The philosophical concept that everything can be doubted and nothing can be definitely proven (Including said concept) which means that true certainty doesn't exist. Spelled Skepticism in AE.

If you know what scepticism is and think that it's true/useful/sexy, this group might be for you? Don't ask me.
Also if you just dislike dogmatism or are just sceptic about something specific like myths, supernatural claims or the notion that A is better than B feel free to join.
If you call yourself a climate sceptic, be aware that I think you are a moron, but join anyway if you want.

There is currently a Skepticism group that is about a doom metal band of the same name, which is why I chose the British spelling.

Here are some of scepticisms most prominent thinkers:


Ran out of fucks to give.

One of the earliest scepticists, Pyrrho lived ca. 360-270 BC and inspired the Pyrrhonic school of scepticism. His philosphy is based on the concept that every statement can in principle be countered with a contradictory statement that is equally justified. He deducts that the proper way to live is not to worry about anything and to never take anything as a fact, leading to inner peace.

René Descartes

Ugly as hell, sharp as a razor blade.

Often called the father of modern era philosophy, Descartes (1596-1650) was one of the first philosophers to rank epistemology higher (as the "first" philosophy) than ontology. He asked himself the fundamental question what we can know with absolute certainty and in his major work, his "Meditations", applied a methodical doubt to the things we believe to know for certain, invalidating even logical truths, reducing certain knowledge to the famous formula "cogito ergo sum" (I think therefore I am) or later "cogito; existo" (I think; I exist), the only intuitive certainty. Because he was a child of his time (and an employee of royals) he promptly proceeded to proving god (ontologically) and deducing all the other stuff based on that premise.

David Hume

Dirty infidel and/or elderly woman.

Hume (1711-1776) remains to be one of the most influential philosophers to this day, his work being essential to the school of empiricism and science theory. One of his most famous theoretical accomplishments is the invalidation of inductive knowlede (deducing general statements like "the Sun rises every day" from any number of singular facts "the Sun rose on day X"). Inductive conclusions cannot be justified by saying that "they normally work" because that itself would be inductive reasoning. He also reduced causality to the inductive connection of cause and effect (type A events tend to be followed by type B events).

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