Tips For Beginners!!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 20 Jan 2009, 20:47

    Tips For Beginners!!

    Help and advice from those who have been playing for a long time for those who are beginners!!

    All tips welcome! Share your pearls of wisdom!

    • piprof said...
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    • 27 Apr 2009, 22:00
    What part of saxophone do you think? Improvising, practice, maintenence? Saxophone is wide theme, you can imagine more one think.

    Ok, how about practice:
    - long tone with tuner and metronome
    - aliquote
    - paying mouthpiece with tuner
    - minor and major scales with metronome from 60 bpm and more (step is 5 bpm for example)

    - found a simpleplayalong with few simple chords (major, minor tritone chord like C, Dm, Em, E, A,... or major, minor third tone chord like C7, G7, D7, Em7, Am7), analyze them tone by tone, lern them and play chords from base tone to final, chord by chord with playalong, then prom top tone to base tone and so on).

    Here I wrote article about it: You can translate it by google.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 1 May 2009, 19:40
    tips to people who're thinking on buying one... don;t go for something expensive... just go for something that'll get a sound out, because a good sax never makes a good player, just enhances the good player slightly.

    improvising wise (not really saxophone specific)... learn a bebop blues in all 12 keys, then all of the substitute changes you can use... then start transcribing people, copy their licks, then start inventing your own

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 2 Dec 2009, 18:07
    just scales, scales, scales people. Parker told guys to pack up their horn and be on their way if they couldn't play more than a few scales. Sure it's ot the most epic hing o practise day in day ou but you won't regret it when you play for Michael Buble! Plus Impro is so much more exiting with all those scales to hand. Also for Impro listen to your favourite players and grab some licks - hear a particular WOW moment from Coltrane/Parker/Darius/ Getz, listen to it over and over, get your sax out and play until it's there then whip it out during a solo, you can't play your own sound unless you know where to head for!!!!


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