Keith Blueboy RIP

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    • 23 May 2007, 00:14

    Keith Blueboy RIP

    Dear Friends

    It is with immense sadness that I have to inform you that my dearest friend
    Keith Girdler died on May 15th 2007. Keith passed away peacefully after a
    recent deterioration in his condition - he was diagnosed with cancer in July
    2004. Keith was a truly special person and I know that many people will hold
    very fond memories of their time spent in his company. Keith is survived by
    his partner, his siblings and their families. We are all devastated at the
    tragic loss of Keith and we will miss him enormously.

    Keith was known to many as the singer in Blueboy - a brilliant band who are
    still seen as influential many years since they last released a record. He
    was a gifted songwriter and he had a beautiful voice. I considered Keith to
    be not only my best friend but an amazingly talented person. It was a huge
    privilege to know him. Despite continuing to release records with his other
    groups Arabesque, Beaumont, LoveJoy and The Snowdrops, Keith's focus
    shifted away from music in recent years. He enjoyed a successful career,
    first by training as a qualified social worker and then developing a skilled
    role as Volunteer Services Manager for Age Concern Eastbourne. He was
    passionate about his work and the need to stand up for some of the most
    vulnerable elderly people in our society. Keith was exteremly brave and he
    continued in his work for as long as possible during his illness. I know
    that Keith was very highly regarded by his colleagues and the people for
    whom he provided care and support in his work. He was a selfless and gentle
    person who genuinely affected everyone he knew with his warmth, kindness,
    humility and humour.

    Keith wanted to be remembered, to use his own words, with 'happiness and
    smiles' - which for those of us fortunate enough to have known him, will
    come all too easily despite our grief.

    Words cannot really come close to describing the feelings we have about
    Keith. However, I know that many people will want to express their sorrow at
    this news and their sympathy to his family and friends. If you would like to
    send a message of condolence, or share your memories of Keith, please send
    an email to snowboundipc (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk.

    Messages and tributes to Keith will be published online in the near future,
    when a suitable web location has been established.

    Richard Preece May 22 2007

  • Keith Blueboy RIP

    Oh no. Very sorry to hear this. Unisex was the best thing Sarah did IMHO. In fact, to my mind it at the least matches every album I've ever heard (bettering them in almost all cases). I'll do my best to make sure he's never forgotten.

  • He was one of a kind. RIP

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