• Debbie

    10 Aug 2005, 18:25 by fightx


    Mmmmh... What can I say about it.
    Nothing just listen it.
    Words are still there to make you dreaming.
    Debbie is a roots/rock album in comparison with the others...
    They use simple riffs, simple melody, simple create a very very complex atmosphera... Strange. Beautiful. A Noir Dez/The Doors/Brel inspiration album. One of my favourite.
    It's about the meetings. The beauty of the meetings in your life.
    It's about characters making you thinking about your own life... Debbie, Charly, Céleste, Marta, Marie ou Marilyn,... some poor people like you and me... What can be beautiful in a poor and common people... ?
    Beauty of the Dirty.
    Try it.