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  • M3RRY X-M4S

    24 Dec 2010, 15:35 by C0D160Z3R0

  • Our data is being shared with RIAA

    24 May 2009, 11:29 by DmitriYuriescu

    CBS requested user data from, including user name and IP address. CBS wanted the data to comply with a RIAA request but told the data was going to be used for "internal use only." It was only after the data was sent to CBS that discovered the real reason for the request. staffers were outraged, say our sources, but the data had already been sent to the RIAA.

    "'s not like this is the first time we've provided this data to a third party. Someone over there should be more forthright with users about the data policy instead of complaining about BD to upper management like I'm here trying to destroy the business. We're just trying to help them stay afloat here it's not like Pro memberships are earning any revenue!" - Quote "CBS employee".

    We believe and CBS violated their own privacy policy in the transmission of this data. We also believe CBS and may have violated EU privacy laws, including the Data Protection Directive, and should be investigated by the appropriate authorities.

    And to the CBS employee who was fired and threatened based on this story - we believe certain U.S. Whistle Blower laws may protect you from retaliation from CBS in this matter. We’d like to provide you with legal counsel at our cost.

    Deny This, | RIAA got's data
  • silverstone 2008

    9 Jun 2008, 12:45 by btyggy


    1 Apr 2008, 13:28 by noya_


    I just signed an urgent petition calling on the Chinese government to respect human rights in Tibet and dialogue with the Dalai Lama. This is really important, and I thought you might want to take action:

    After decades of repression, the Tibetans are sending out a global cry for change. Unrest is spreading across Tibet and neighbouring regions, and the Chinese regime is right now making a crucial choice between escalating repression or dialogue.

    President Hu Jintao needs to hear that "Made in China" exports and the upcoming Olympics in Beijing will have the support of the world's people only if he chooses dialogue. But it will take an avalanche of global people power to get his attention. Click below to sign the petition--in just 7 days, the campaign is over half way to the goal of 2 million signatures!

    Thank you so much for your help - forward this email to friends!
  • one day

    17 Feb 2008, 11:23 by btyggy

    not been here in years
  • Underrated bands you seriously, seriously need to give a chance - Part I

    2 Sep 2007, 16:34 by kidofthecentury

    I'm a little upset about people @, they only listen to things someone else listens and that way many bands have been ignored for too long. Some of those bands are just not popular, others are criminally underrated and most of them you just don't have mp3s to listen to.
    Well, this time I've thought about everything so take your seat, take a look at this journal entry and prepare yourself to discover music you never thought about.

    First of all, I'll look at my own charts and start recommending one of my favourite bands ever: Enchant. They play some kind of with a little (verry little to be honest) and the result is just OMFG. Ted Leonard is one of the most awesome singers I've ever heard and it can be proved with their superb Live At Last record and that one is an excellent beginning with this band. I also recommend picking Blink Of An Eye first if you can't find Live At Last, or my favourite by them: Juggling 9 Or Dropping 10.

    Next in my list is Rishloo. They play what I'd call " " (yeah, WTF) that can remind you of Tool and A Perfect Circle. Their debut album, Terras Fames is very influenciated by the mentioned bands, but in their sophomore release, Eidolon, they reached their own identity and now are amazing. And yes, I know they look like emo kids, but you should give them a chance anyway, you won't regret about it ;)

    There's a band I discovered a couple of months ago just because they are uknown! Yeah, at least for me they weren't easy to get and when I finally did I fell in love. This band is Jadis, a british group of musicians I found because of Frost*. They sound similar to Marillion, Arena and all those neo prog bands, but there's something about them I couldn't explain that makes me love them so much... I guess it's the nice melodies' fault. Try More Than Meets the Eye or Fanatic first and don't expect anything heavy here :P

    Some time ago I was obsessed about a - power trio named Firebird. They sound like the best of the '70s but guess what... they're not an old band but the last efford of the ex-Carcass, ex-Napalm Death guitarist Bill Steer. Come on, I could never imagined Bill was able to do something like this... I mean, he's a son of a bitch motherfucking genius!!!! They've released four albums, being Bill the only band member in of them (yeah, it's *his* band) and I'd recommend Hot Wings.

    In the vein of comes Cast, a Mexican band very, very prolific, having released albums twice or even three times a year! Well, they sound like nothing I've heard before and that's excellent but yet difficult for me to explain why you should try them. Let's put things this way: take Marillion or Pendragon, give them latin roots and add then traverse flute, saxophone and you'll get Cast. Yeah, absolutely amazing.
    Try Al-Bandaluz first, trust me ;)

    Well, this is enough for now, if you wonder where you can get those cuties, take a look at my profile :P
  • Rapid Eye Masterpiece

    19 Aug 2007, 04:52 by kidofthecentury

    Riverside are one of my favourite bands although they have only released two albums (Out Of Myself and Second Life Syndrome) and an EP (Voices In My Head). Their sound is some sort of mix between and , but rock mostly and what they do they do great. Their previous albums for me are little masterpieces, but this time they exceeded even the highest expectations. After two perfect albums, they have just made their most awesome record to end this "Reality Dream Trilogy": Rapid Eye Movement, or as I like to call it (thanks to Braxil for that), "Rapid Eye Masterpiece". Mariusz voice is one of my favourites, although he doesn't have a great technique he is so passionate when singing... I can't believe he also plays bass while doing it!

    This time they don't start the record with a slow or growing track, now they're direct and clear with a superb opening track: Beyond The Eyelids. All the "progressiveness" is there, sounding very very natural and with no doubt this is the Riverside we all love. The best opening track they've made, in my opinion.

    After this comes Rainbow Box, a slower track but not lighter. A catchy riff makes it right and the suspense-like keyboards makes this one a very peculiar song. Nice, by the way.

    Then 02 Panic Room, the single. I didn't like this song at the first time, months ago, because it reminded me of Depeche Mode, but then I listened to it properly and discovered that it couldn't be more "riversidedish". And be aware, it's longer than the single! My less favourite of the album, anyway.

    Schizophrenic Prayer comes as the darkest song of the album until now, with a flawless Mariusz, tribal-like drums, atmospheric string keyboards and it begins quite slow and low, but as almost every song by this Polish band, it grows stronger. If you pay attention and close your eyes, it could easily make you shiver. A little short, I'd had loved if it was longer...

    After this amazing song comes Parasomnia, the second longest song. It begins with solo vocals, but piano quickly comes up, then bass and drums do too and finally guitar. What an opening! Then the heavy track shows up in all its splendor. I don't know why these riffs take me so high, but they do and I do not want them to stop!! Best song in the album and maybe in band's career.

    Through The Other Side is a mellow track, acoustic guitars, whipering vocals. Very simple yet gorgeous, this is the kind of music anyone can enjoy. And so is Embryonic, mellow and beautiful, one of those the band has got used us. There's not much to say about these two, you must actually listen to them to get into the mood and actually understand them.

    Cybernetic Pillow sounds like the heavy tracks of Second Life Syndrome, but fresh and with a different soul. One of the highest parts of Rapid Eye Movement. I loved the guitar solo and the keyboard work while it. Absolutely perfect.

    And the closing track, the epic Ultimate Trip. Probably the second best song in the album, at least for me, is sooo progressive and technical yet its taste is exquisite, different than any other progressive rock or metal band nowadays. It's the longer song too, 13 minutes and 12 seconds of pure Polish passion, but the time flies while listening to it. And as it was expected for a trilogy, there's something to remember the first album but you'll have to listen to this song to know :P

    I don't know, I'll listen to it more, but I think this one is the album of the year for me and of course, a masterpiece of progressive music.

    Note: This is an early review, but I don't think I'll change my mind about it much. And remember joining Rapid Eye Masterpiece group :D
  • Claudio Cordero, passionate Chilean guitar

    3 Jun 2007, 08:12 by kidofthecentury

    Even though I don't play the guitar, I enjoy intrumental guitar albums a lot. Steve Vai, Greg Howe and Kiko Loureiro are three of my all times favourites, their music is awesome and in spite what people may say, their work is extremely passionate and full of feeling.
    Having listened to those skilled musicians, I found myself with Claudio Cordero, a Chilean guitarist with more attitude than what's usually expected from a prog buddy. He's career is quite impressive: he's part of Matraz, he's been hired to become the guitar player of the legendary Mexican band Cast, he is part of Linda Cushma's Oxygene8 and now he has released his first solo album, titled Enlace.

    Enlace is an intrumental guitar rock album filled with technique and passion, where every note is played looking for its meaning and even the mistakes are intentional. A beautiful album featuring rock, metal, prog, fusion and some acoustic tunes, a song for every mood.

    01. 7 Días
    02. Ayer
    03. Psychoswing
    04. Atardecer
    05. Sueña
    06. Ki-Dul (Featuring Gabriel Hidalgo a.k.a. Pickblade from Six Magics)
    07. Esperanza
    08. Adicción
    09. Taurah
    10. Intoolerancia (Featuring Pablo Stipicic from Blackout)
    11. Manantial
    12. Viaje Astral

    Well, music will tell much more than my words, so if you want to listen to Claudio's work, click here.

    Joe Satriani John Petrucci Yngwie Malmsteen G3 Eric Johnson Van Halen Tony MacAlpine Shawn Lane Buckethead Allan Holdsworth Richie Kotzen Andy Timmons Jason Becker Marty Friedman Racer X Mattias IA Eklundh Alejandro Silva Mar de Robles Akinetón Retard Exsimio Crisálida Ergo Sum Evolución Ezoo Flor de Loto Jaime Rosas Cuarteto Nimbus Octopus Toccata Tryo Tool Threshold Chile
  • A living gallery

    23 Mar 2007, 11:42 by DmitriYuriescu

    Oh boy.

    I'm running my feeds through Yahoo! Pipes picking up associated images from to produce an ever changing gallery of photographs somehow vaguely related to the music I'm listening to.

    Check it out at Y! Pipe: Musical associations.

    Then check it out later.