Most Favorite Underrated Survivor Songs?

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    • 26 Apr 2009, 17:46

    Most Favorite Underrated Survivor Songs?

    I think Children Of The Night is a great song and could have went really big as a single. Also Feels Like Love is a wonderful song, and kind of reminds me of Van Halen with Sammy. And I'm Not That Man Anymore is another great one that has some of the best guitar work I've ever heard. Really to me Eye of the Tiger is just wonderful. The title track is just one song, and their are eight more equally as good or better tracks. That goes for the rest of their albums too. Enough cannot be said about this band in my opinion! So what are your favorites?

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 26 Apr 2009, 18:43
    "Jackie don't go" !

    • Nachiro said...
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    • 27 Apr 2009, 17:15
    This is the most underrated from all of their great stuff. No doubt

    They're burning the Book, they're burning the Faith,
    Our Dream will be over,
    Let's wake from the sleep, a legion we'll be,
    To live forever!!!
  • I loooove "burning heart"

  • Half-Life, I'm Not That Man Anymore, Slander, Runaway Lights, Jackie Dont Go

    • Siemi93 said...
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    • 28 Aug 2010, 22:30
    I see you in everyone
    Jackie don't go
    Desperate Dreams
    First Night
    Santa Ana Winds
    Poor man's Son
    Fire makes Steel
    One more Chance
    Somewhere in America
    Broken Promises
    Popular Girl
    Rebel Son
    Backsteet Love Affair
    When Seconds Count

    and so on... Survivor songs are very underrated

    • Siemi93 said...
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    • 28 Aug 2010, 22:31
    oh I forgot:
    I'm not that man anymore
    The one that really matters

    • jleznek said...
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    • 24 Oct 2014, 17:45
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