• シドの日おめでとうございマオ!

    10 Apr 2008, 17:41 by Outori

    Gahhh haha...
    Cause I've blogged that about everywhere, I'll write it here too...


    I'm hyper

    I should enjoy that rare feeling and put it into my work or something. XD

    Anyway, it's SID-Day today, and since no one has been posting yet, I'll do it here.

    Happy SID Day! Have a nice one

    Is anyone going to do anything special for this... momentous occasion?

    I should do some work instead of blogging. で, I guess the only thing I'll do so far is listening to シド non stop xD [And ゆうや seems to be telling me "Go do your chores!" though... for some reason マオ doesn't seem to be so very convinced of the general serious attitude XDDD]

    Rets paa-ti! Hyper spam comment ahoy!
    [unless everybody else but me is going to stick to their chores xP]