Made in Ireland or China?

  • Made in Ireland or China?

    I want to ask you, where from are yours Sennheiser headphones?

    Mine HD 280 Pro are from Ireland.

    • strohel said...
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    • 17 Dec 2008, 20:32

    HD 25 SP are Irish the top of them proudly says: MADE IN IRELAND.

    • uapaFM said...
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    • 21 Dec 2008, 22:38
    I can't find it anywhere on my headphones, so propably they're Chinese. but still sound nice :)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 30 Dec 2008, 02:54
    Mine (HD25-1) actually say, "Made in Ireland" twice...
    ...two's better than one, I suppose.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 20 Feb 2009, 18:22
    My Sennheiser RS-120 headphones are made in China. Well, nowadays so much of electronics are made there. ;p

  • ..

    china, like all other stuff around us

  • made in Ukraine?! Joking =)
    little fatless fingers with almost closed eyes of chineese children make it 4 me )

  • My HD650's were made in Ireland.

  • Not China even Ireland, made in Germany :-) ) HD800´s

  • Same as ROYsaves33

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 30 Dec 2009, 04:02
    My HD 555s were made in China, according to the box...

  • My HD600 has the carved seal "IRELAND".

    • Masej said...
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    • 9 Feb 2010, 20:16
    My HD 201s were made in China :(

  • My HD 25-1 IIs are made in Ireland, and my PX 100-IIs are made in China.

    I wanna be different, just like everybody else.
    • ankurtg said...
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    • 29 Apr 2010, 06:24


    Mine says:
    Designed and Engineered in Germany
    Acoustics made in Europe
    Made in China

    I suppose they don't trust the Chinese to do any more than put the parts together. Cheap labour...

    (p) 2009
    All Puns Intended
  • HD280 Pro

    Made in Ireland. Living in Australia, I think is the first time I've ever seen 'made in Ireland' on anything. I've had these for 3 years, but had never examined closely the back of the cups before. On doing so I saw the text. Such was my surprise I did a google search and this group came up!

    • Coubee said...
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    • 10 Nov 2011, 19:01
    HD 280 pro: IRELAND

    • phaserz said...
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    • 28 Feb 2012, 23:43
    HD 25 II made in Ireland!!!

  • HD 650 - Made in Ireland.

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