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    The new record has been out since Monday, enough time to get some kind of feel for it. So how good is it? I reckon it's his best since Love is Hell and, in time, could be considered as good as Love is Hell and Heartbreaker, which are his two best albums in my opinion.

    Ashes & Fire (the title track), Dirty Rain and Do I Wait may be amongst the best songs he has written.

    Ryan Adams
    Ashes & Fire

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    • 14 Oct 2011, 22:05
    I for one am loving it! The tracks you mentioned are brilliant. Dirty Rain and Kindness are my faves I think. But I love all the tracks. I think my fave albums are Cold Roses and Love Is Hell. This album is up there with them for me. A and F the album makes my heart ache in a good way :)

  • Ashes&Fire

    Though I prefer "Love is Hell" , "Heartbreaker" and "Cold Roses" a lot more, I am really touched by "Come home" and "Do I wait" at this album.

  • I adore this album. It introduced me to Ryan Adams. (I know I discovered him a bit too late, but okay.) Do I Wait is lovely, same as Lucky Now, the lead single. Come Home is also very beautiful.

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