Beyond The Lighted Stage

  • Beyond The Lighted Stage

    Bought it. Finely got it . Saw it last night. Very interesting documentary. From the beginning to the end. About the youth of Geddy and Alex. (Alex discusses with his family) How they started with Rutsey. When Neil came into the picture. Why Hemispheres ended an erra for them. Why Permanent Waves was a new fresh start. The talking of Alex en Geddy about the death of Neils wife and daughter. About the return of Neil after his yourney on his bike.
    For everyone who is a Rush fan. Its a must have.

  • Saw it on TV. As you said, very interesting from beginning to end.. Really showed them for the fine men and great performers and artists they are!

  • I saw it a few weeks ago. The documentary is awesome. It shows how every band should be.

  • Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage

    I watched the first 50 minutes and am really enjoying this documentary. Much of the history of the band, i.e., the childhood friendship of Alex and Geddy, Rutsey, how Neil joined, et al is completely new to me. Can't wait to finish it up this weekend.

  • Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage

    Just finished watching it for second time. Loved it. Quite moving. Showed how ordinary and nice guys they all are too.

  • I saw it about 3 times, and its great. Though I was a fan of Rush before I saw it, it gave me a whole new appreciation for them.
    The Dinner at the hunting lodge seen in the bonus features is hilarious.

    • Harfang said...
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    • 6 Apr 2012, 17:10
    I have to watch this damn thing every few weeks. I start to miss it, like it is a person. I feel like I'm sorta creepy about it actually...

    It is so well-done and enjoyable as a movie in general. I think it does a pretty good job of getting non-fans into the band's universally awesome story, without compromising anything for the rest of us really. I can geek out to it, but someone who just likes Tom Sawyer when it comes on the radio would probably be entertained too. That to me is what makes it a great band documentary.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 13 Jul 2012, 23:28
    Absolutely love this doc. Love the references to Neil as the "new guy".

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