Favorite Drum song of Rush?

    • Jp19091 said...
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    • 16 Nov 2009, 23:43

    Favorite Drum song of Rush?

    What's your favorite drum song that you think Rush and Neil Peart created? Anything from 1974-2008.

    • Jp19091 said...
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    • 16 Nov 2009, 23:45
    I'd have to say that La Villa Strangiato is by far the most exhausting, experimental, and technical drum song.

  • YYZ

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  • YYZ... it's awesome

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  • i've always been partial to red barchetta. also 'the rhythm method' on different stages is godly. roll the windows down and turn it up!

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  • For me there is three songs which seriously stand out:

    1. The Main Monkey Business
    2. Red Sector A
    3. Leave That Thing Alone

  • Leave That Thing Alone it's nice too...
    I like the fills in "Show Don't Tell"

    inukshuk, in the likeness of the man - Ghost Rider
  • Very difficult to say... Being a drummer myself, Neil has been a big influence to me, so almost anything he's done is excellent. To narrow it down to one song, I'll maybe have to agree with Jp19091on La Villa Strangiato.

  • I have to go with La Villa Strangiato: evidence on the Rio DVD.

    • M0Duss said...
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    • 30 Jul 2011, 20:14
    The Spirit of Radio has always been an enjoyable song to play drums to.. or all the pieces in the 'O Baterista' drumsolo on Rush in Rio..

    we still could have it really good....if you still want it to....
  • Xanadú

    • Harfang said...
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    • 6 Apr 2012, 17:04
    Oddly enough I think it's Beneath Between & Behind. That main drum... hook... or whatever is so tasty.

  • YYZ

  • La Villa Strangiato is technical masterpiece for drums in rock genre. ;)

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    • Lev72 said...
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    • 21 Dec 2013, 23:00
    Tom Sawyer

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    • Tanmut said...
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    • 23 Feb 2014, 13:11
    I like the moment in Xanadu tightly before "A thousand years have come and gone..." when Neil starts on toms copy the notes Geddy plays. Otherwise I love Neil's drumming in Natural Science.

    • csrog69 said...
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    • 7 Jun 2015, 23:00
    2112 Overture most powerful drums iv'e ever heard

    Kick Ass!
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