• Pain at Lutakko

    25 Sep 2011, 14:46 by rolle-

    Fri 23 Sep – Pain, Black Light Discipline

    Mmkay. I was not sure wheter go or not, but I decided to go since I would later regret not going. Did not have much money, so didn't buy any beer, only paid to enter. No friends with me this time. Bought Lutakko membership in the same time and got "free pass". Got drunk enough and went to sauna just before got there. Nice feeling etc. I got there just in time when Black Light Discipline started their show. They were ok. Nothing bad to say about their music. In fact, it was interesting enough me to get their music some day...

    Went to front row and whole room were packed, full of people. Pain got nice screens and some kind of cool robot light throwers. Let Me Out intro started, soon Peter Tägtgren started playing and screaming and the crowd went nuts. Only I was moshing in the front row, as usual. Pff.

    The overall gig was good. I'm a bit disappointed, because waited whole time them playing my favourite songs Does It Really Matter?. At least they played other good songs. And of course all the hits.

    The biggest thing again was the teen girl 'fans' behind me trying to aggressively push and hit me with their elbows all the time to get to the front row. I was fucking pissed most of the time and it certainly ruined my night. They were also jumping on me and screaming to my ear during the whole fucking gig. It was so close for me to hit back couple of good punches with my elbow and fist, but I managed to calm myself and try to concentrate and enjoy the music.

    The setlist

    1. Intro (Lux Aeterna)
    2. Let Me Out
    3. Psalms of Extinction
    4. Dancing With the Dead
    5. Dirty Woman
    6. Zombie Slam
    7. End of the Line
    8. Suicide Machine
    9. Nailed To The Ground
    10. It's Only Them
    11. The Great Pretender
    12. I'm Going In
    13. Monkey Business
    14. Have a Drink on Me
    15. Supersonic Bitch
    16. Feed The Demons
    17. Same Old Song
    18. Shut Your Mouth
  • Turmion Kätilöt interview in finnish!

    2 Mar 2011, 09:06 by rolle-

    The new hilarious Turmion Kätilöt interview!

    Finnish people read here:

    The rest of you, use google translator :-)

    The interview took place in 19. February, 2011, FME 2011, Kaapelitehdas Helsinki.
  • Daniel Lioneye & Turisas @ Lutakko + Setlists

    21 Jan 2011, 08:39 by rolle-

    Thu 20 Jan – Turisas, Daniel Lioneye

    Oh snap what an awesome night! I was looking forward to see Daniel Lioneye to play Vol II, as I got my name to guest list straight from Linde. I went to Lutakko about 10 pm, when they where supposed to start. It was full in front row, so I asked two girls could they make a space for me as I had come to see Daniel Lioneye mainly, in finnish of course. They said what? and I realized they speak english. So I spoke english for them.

    They made a space for me when I said I'm going to mosh. They were there for to see Turisas and knew few or nothing about Daniel Lioneye, as probably most of the crowd. The other one was finnish and the other from Germany. I talked with them a moment, asked them about Daniel Lioneye, they said they know the band through HIM, that they play rock n roll or something. I informed them that they released a black metal album last year and it was far from rock n roll...

    And then Daniel Lioneye started, and they never saw it coming! And it was huge! I was eager to see how they managed to play the songs the same way as in the album. And they succeeded. The mysterious new growling vocalist Manu Patel from United Kingdom was more than great. I was stunned. Moshed through the gig like promised. My neck hurts now...

    1. Euroshaman
    2. The Mentat
    3. I Saw Myself
    4. Flatlined
    5. Kiss Of the Cannibal
    6. Who Turned The Lights Out?
    7. Neolithic Way

    I keep repeating now, but heck: It was truly awesome. They played tracks only from the new album, just as I expected. Thank god they didn't try any rock n roll, although it would have been interesting to see. Finnish melodic black metal, in my hometown. Priceless.

    After their show I asked the german girl (who was a bit of afraid earlier when I said it will be black metal) "Was it any good?". She answered me: "To be honest, it was worse than I expected...". Duh, she obviously doesn't know better. Thanks Linde, you're the man!

    Left my front row spot because I was sure I had to wait over half an hour them to start. Of course it would have been great to be in the front row, but I came mainly to see Daniel Lioneye even if I listen Turisas also quite much.

    But, I was dying for beer. Bought one bottle of Carlsberg with my final pennies, drank it while Turisas started playing, while I was still in the drinking area. It didn't matter because I had a great spot near the front row stragith view to the stage. Their performance was powerful. Seemed that most of the crowd was here to see Turisas. I was happy to drink as they played "One More". It was one of my dreams come true to get to drink One More for Turisas every time they said One More! It's the classic drinking game in my neighborhood.

    This was my first time I saw Turisas live. It was also special because it was first time in Finland after a long world tour and first time for Turisas in my home town Jyväskylä as well. They dared to say in some point that Texas is louder and better... well, Texas is a bit bigger town. But they admitted Jyväskylä Lutakko is the worth the prize of best venue 2010 in Finland.

    The rumors stand true, they are perfectionists indeed, both in stage and on album! I especially loved how they used native instruments in their show and how it sounded so good and natural. The violist Olli Vänskä was magnificent with his electric violin. And Netta Skog wit her accordion was cute and smiling all the time for us. What an awesome show. I have to say, Turisas is definitely better live than on album!


    1. As Torches Rise
    2. One More
    3. The March of the Varangian Guard
    4. The Great Escape
    5. To Holmgard And Beyond
    6. A Portage To The Unknown
    7. In The Court Of Jarisleif
    8. Random interlude (lai-lai)
    9. Hunting Pirates
    10. Rex Regi Rebellis
    11. Stand Up And Fight


    12. Humppaa
    13. Sahti-Waari
    14. Miklagard Overture
    15. Rasputin
    16. Battle Metal

    Great shows for both of them.

    More or less drunk or tipsy for the rest of the night because of the fast pace of drinking the rest of my booze. 8am to work!

    Official article in finnish is ready.


  • A bit of drama, through the looking glass

    5 Dec 2010, 00:26 by rolle-

    Sat 4 Dec – Machinae Supremacy, Kill the Romance, Random Eyes

    Whoa. It was such a great night with Random Eyes, Kill the Romance, and Machinae Supremacy. I was a bit drunk - not much, but a bit. Random Eyes was fukkin great. Christian Palin introduced us their new guitarist. I know nothing about him. He played some cheap-ass solo, and it sure was impressive. During the solo I was thinking; would I say it or not. But then I decided that I will.

    "OLLI WAS BETTER", I shouted. Did not expect anyone to hear it, but of course they heard. I don't know about the band, but some fans. This one woman started to shout at me "fuck you! go to fuck yourself! what the fuck? if you are not interested, fuck off! fuck!" etc. I was confused, and cheerful. Showed my face to my friend which told him "what the fuck is going on?".

    Then she grabbed me and shouted something. I backed off. Thank god I was in bar area and there was this fence between us. Seemed like she was climbing off the fence.... but great that she gave up. The rest of the gig she watched me with her bad eye. Like I did something bad. It was my opinion and I did not meant to hurt anyone. The former guitarist of Random Eyes Olli Tanttu was my guitar teacher and greatest hero. I know nothing about the new guitarist. His solo was great. Sorry I said that. Sorry if I broke someone's heart. Sorry about everythin.

    Kill the Romance was okay. I spent most of the time in bar, while listening to it.

    Then Machinae Supremacy started. It was freacking awesome. Played all the songs I wanted. The vocaliset Robert Stjärnström said that Jyväskylä is the best town for them, and said he will meet all the fans soon after the gig. I did not have time to stay, but the gig was awesome indeed.

    Rock on! Sweden and Machinae Supremacy rules!


    1. A View from the End of the World
    2. Force Feedback
    3. Overworld
    4. Dark City
    5. Truth of Tomorrow
    6. I Know the Reaper
    7. Nova Prospect
    8. Rocket Dragon
    9. Remnant (March of the Undead IV)
    10. Indiscriminate Murder is Counter-Productive
    11. Rogue World Asylum
    12. The Greatest Show on Earth
    13. Need for Steve

    14. Player One
    15. Gimme More (sid)
    16. Through the Looking Glass