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    Here you can post quotes by Roger Taylor ;)

    "I don't want to bore you cause I really hate long drum solos."

    "I've always been a fidget. I can never sit still for long."

    "There`s something rather nice about spending the evening hitting things. (On drumming)"

    “I am an optimist and I always think the good will come out”

    “We don’t want to become old, rich and useless”

    “For every up, every little bit of happiness you get, you know, you must probably have a little trough – a little down and there is a balance and that’s the deal”

    “Live with your memories and keep them as memories and that’s great. Forget the bad times just remember the good ones and you know and hope tomorrow is a good day”

    - Roger Meddows Taylor

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    Maybe not quotes, but an interview with Roger from paper "Mojo Classic" - first 6 photos (50-55) from third page. You can dowload bigger scans and read it.

    And now some quotes :
    • I think drummers suffer from a misrepresentation of image too often. Traditionally, drummers have been regarded as the stupid ones in rock bands.
    • Strangely enough, singing and drumming never bothered me, although I know of drummers who do have problems with the two. See, back when I was in school, the singing bit was forced on me one day when the lead singer in the band I was playing with suddenly picked up and left. We had to do the gig and I had to sing. That's basically how I became a vocalist.
    • If I get a song on paper and the others like it, it'll go to Queen. I try to keep the more personal songs for myself, I suppose. "Radio Ga Ga" would definately have been on my own album if that's what I was doing at the time.
    • I always liked John Bonham, although in England he wasn't that fashionable. But to me, he was the best rock drummer who ever lived. The average person can't understand the subtleties of drumming or just how difficult some of the things he used to do were. I didn't want to sound like him because I knew there was no point in sounding like someone else even back then in those days. This is true no matter how much you admire what they do. So I just tried to incorporate certain aspects of his style into my own.

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