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  • Favorite Track

    What is/are your favorite song/songs to play on Rock Band?

    I enjoy the New Pornographer's "Electric Version" on drums and vocals. My all-time favorite is The Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop".

    • christam said...
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    • 4 Sep 2008, 09:54
    Well, I'm a Bon Jovi-fan, so 'Wanted Dead or Alive' is a given, but I also love singing Radiohead's 'Creep' (and going all out in the later high sections ^^).

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  • all of the Boston songs. I'm the only one of my friends who can sing it well, and it's fun on all instruments in my opinion

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 4 Oct 2008, 07:25
    Run to the Hills, Flirtin' With Disaster, Foreplay/Long Time...

    on guitar.

  • Boston!!!!! I love all the songs (mostly cuz im the only one i know that i can sing them on expert but...)

    and run to the hills

  • RB: Faith no More - Epic
    RB2: Abnormality - Visions

  • Paramore - That's What You Get on Rock Band 2.
    That song is fucking awesome

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 16 Oct 2008, 09:55
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs


    Love that track!

    • pilyak said...
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    • 22 Oct 2008, 12:15
    I love these songs 1 The Killers-When You Were Young
    2 Red Hot Chili Peppers-Dani California
    3 Garbage-I Think I'm Paranoid

  • As far as fun level, I've had tons of fun with the Boston tracks, and surprisingly a lot of fun with the Grateful Dead tracks.

  • As a fan of the Dead Kennedys, I'm very, very pleased with the three tracks that came out as DLC, though why they put Police Truck on there is anybody's guess!

  • Interpol PDA!!!!!, Lazy Eye, Everlong
    Needs moar Oasis though. Certainly would like to play Some Might Say. I'm jealous at Gheytar Hero for that one.

    • Zharf said...
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    • 20 Jan 2009, 17:12
    Panic Attack

  • Metallica:Battery
    Megadeth:Peace Sells

  • Clouds Over California by DevilDriver

  • coheed and cambria wecome home sweet song on guitar

  • just discovered Green Grass and High Tides and I really fell in love with that Song this is just an amazing one !

    Won't get fooled again is one of my favorite song though it's perhaps not the funniest song to play

    I also enjoy Hier Kommt Alex, Are you gonna be my girl and enter sandman :)

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  • I.V. by X Japan, mainly cos i'm an x japan maniac but i do really enjoy singing and playing along to it. It's a shame that they havent but any of the old stuff of X Japan on dlc, most of it's in japanese but I don't see that as an issue since we have things in french and german.

    Green Grass and High Tides
    Foreplay/Long Time
    Livin' On a Prayer
    Welcome Home
    White Wedding

    I prefer vocals but those are some of my favourites, I have quite a few in rockband 1 and 2.

    Forever X!
  • I'm an expert drums player, myself, so these are based on the drum charts, mostly. I don't necessarily love the songs listed below, but being fun on Rock Band definitely warms me up to a song.

    The Killers- Spaceman [Also fun on guitar despite being so easy. Great on vocals, too.]
    Garbage- Why Do You Love Me? [For some reason, this is the song I get the most into when I play it. I have no idea why, but the chorus pumps me up and I seem to go into 'rocker' mode.]
    All American Rejects- Move Along [got this one for free via the Pepsi promotion and was quite shocked how amazingly fun it was on drums. Definitely worth digging that cap out of the trash can.]
    Boston- Foreplay/Long Time [I agree, all the Boston songs are fun but the ondisc one is still the best.]
    The Police- Message in a Bottle [Classic tune with one of the BEST drum charts i've seen. Loads of variety and complex without being stupidly challenging.]

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  • Rock band: Metallica - Enter Sandman
    Rock band 2: Megadeth - Peace Sells

    • Accoun said...
    • User
    • 15 May 2010, 15:40
    I remember loving to sing "The Hand That Feeds" and playing bass in "Highway Star" in RB1. Also loved "Paranoid" on both Gouitar and vocals.
    In TB:RB it's surely "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" I also have Song Pack 2, so there are: "Indestructible", "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" or "Saints Of Los Angeles".

    Sadly, I haven't got RB2 nor have I played it enough to make up my mind about my favs...

    • Dayg0ro said...
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    • 17 Jun 2010, 23:56
    I don't have Rock Band but from Rock Band 2 well there is plenty of great songs but Painkiller - Judas Priest and Alve by Pearl Jam take the cake!

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  • Sea and Sand by The Who on drums.
    State of Love and Trust by Pearl Jam on guitar.
    Pinball Wizard by The Who on bass.
    Garden by Pearl Jam on vocals.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 30 Oct 2010, 20:35
    Peace Sells

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