Top Five Favorite Tracks.

  • Top Five Favorite Tracks.

    Whats your favorite songs from each band, the fun part about these is if your torn you have to pick! (and that happens to me alot

    in no order..
    Distortion Sleep theres just something so catchy about this song (and i think this was the first song i heard by them)

    Five Quite honestly this will probbaly be my favorite song of all time.

    Fade Away This whole CD is amazing check it out soon as you can

    Devil's Son Quick heavy and hard, normally i like longer songs but this one just hits everything perfect for me

    Jesus (Of Nazareth) This was the hardest band to actually decide on a song but this song is just so angry in a supressed way. broke is one awesome cd

    ok im done ima post this in a few other groups and see how it varys

  • Hatebreed - "Defeatist"

    Machine Head - "Davidian"

    Slipknot - "The Blister Exists"

    Cradle of Filth - "Nymphetamine"

    Trivium - "Dying in Your Arms"

  • Black Label Society - Crazy Or High

    Killswitch Engage - Rose of Sharyn

    Type O Negative - Black No. 1

    Stone Sour - Blue Study

    Black Stone Cherry - Backwoods Gold

    • CR_7 said...
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    • 14 Oct 2006, 12:34
    My top five favorite tracks from Roadrunner bands:

    Slipknot - The Blister Exists

    Stone Sour - Suffer

    DevilDriver - I Could Care Less

    Trivium - Entrance of the Conflagration

    Cradle of Filth - Gilded Cunt

  • My fav are:
    Stone Sour-Through Glass
    Trivium- Pull harder on the strings of your martyr
    Kilswitch Engage- My last serenade
    36 Crazyfists- Skin and atmosphere
    Slipknot- Wait & Bleed

    Also Five Pointe O, they were really great,and I think it's bad that they split up.

  • Oh God, this is a tough one, and I'm assuming one song per band so lets see...

    Killswitch Engage - My Last Serenade (end of heartache gives it a run for its money though)

    Trivium - The World Can't Tear Us Apart (rather new, so this might change to Pull Harder...)

    Chimaira - Everything You Love (sweet double bass)

    Still Remains - Blossom, The Witch

    Ill Nino - Corazon of Mine (almost anything off of their One Nation Underground cd could go here)

    "This is an 81 Honda, how dare you!"
  • Top 5 songs from Roadrunner Records bands(in no particular order):

    1. Machine Head - From This Day
    2. Trivium - A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
    3. Sepultura - Propaganda
    4. Chimaira - Pure Hatred
    5. Fear Factory - Edgecrusher

  • top 5 songs from roadrunner bands:

    01 devildriver - i could care less
    02 downthesun - listen
    03 killswitch engage - the end of heartache
    04 slipknot - the nameless
    05 ill niño - this is war

  • 1) devildriver - hold back the day
    2)cradle of filth - nymphetamine
    3)soilwork - stabbing the drama
    4)hatebreed - I will be heard
    5)killswitch engage - my last serenade

    • bejcej said...
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    • 4 Jan 2007, 18:14
    Lamb of God - Ruin

    Trivium - To burn the eye

    Trivium - Falling to gray

    Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine

    Lamb of God - Walk with me in hell

    Dimmu Borgir - Puritania






  • Slipknot - Pulse of The Maggots

    Slipknot - Wait & Bleed

    Stone Sour - Trought Glass

    Soufly - Jumthefuckup

    Sipknot - (SIC)

    Stay (SIC).
    Julio Crepaldi
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 9 Jan 2007, 02:51
    TRIVIUM - Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr

    TRIVIUM - Dying In Your Arms

    Opeth - Ghosts Of Perdition

    Fear Factory - Transgression

    Killswitch Engage - The Arms Of Sorrow

  • Let's see:

    Trivium - And Sadness will Sear
    Killswitch Engaged - Bid Farewell
    Slipknot - Left Behind
    Stone Sour - Through Glass
    Machine Head - The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears

    yeah those are nice songs

    Every time I'm left alone
    My misery begins to drown me
    Tied by a rope of anxiety
    Thrown overboard
    -Trivium Rain
  • Murderdolls - Dead in Hollywood
    (my favourite Murderdolls song and i like the horror themed lyrics)

    Spineshank - Perfect Ending
    (listen to it and you'll now why i love this song ;))

    Misfits - Ballroom Blitz
    (great song to dance)

    Slipknot - Spit it Out
    (anger concentrated in less than 4 minutes.. wow)

    Sepultura - Roots Bloody Roots
    (the openign trakc of their last album with max and one of their best songs so far)

    smack! smack! sugar smack! gimme a smack and i'll smack you back!
  • Sepultura-Roots, bloody roots
    Cradle of Filth-Dirge Inferno
    Killswitch engage-world ablaze
    Soulfly-Back to the Primitive
    Cynic-Veil of maya
    Sanctity-Beneath the Machine

  • Oh crap top 5...

  • killswitch engage- the end of heartache
    trivium- pillars of serpents
    slipknot- (sic)
    machine head- aesthetics of hate
    within temptation- hand of sorrow

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