"Play your old songs, assholes!"

  • "Play your old songs, assholes!"

    This page is an initiative by fans all over the world to get Rise Against to play a couple more old songs, using a quote from Tim McIlrath.

    Getting banners all over the world to say the same and hopefully... Hear some old songs from The Unraveling and Revolutions Per Minute as a result of it.

    Some of you might know that Tim McIlrath has once said in an interview: "If I were in the audience at a Rise Against show, I'd hold a banner with 'Play your old songs, assholes!' on it." So in a joking fashion we decided to make banners with this quote on it. We hope the band appreciates it!

    Now we want YOU to help us out here. Rise Against is, as always touring the world: Europe in the following weeks, mainly festivals.Later on in the year they'll be in the USA. Bring your own banners with this message and try to keep the event running. The first show with these banners will be at Poppodium 013 in Tilburg on the 12th of June 2012.

    Here is a link to the thread that was created after we came up with the idea:

    Join us on the forums or discuss on facebook as well.

    We think it's the best to organize this per concert, hence why we made the event pages. Just hit the attend button if you're going to the Rise Against show and try to organize it for the event. We are only able to go to a handfull of shows and will organize those, but as you understand we can't do all of them.

    We can only help out by making this an easy platform for everyone that is willing to bring banners to the shows. Hope to see them up in live footage or pictures sooner or later. Do share them!

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