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Created on: 20 Apr 2010
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Birth Name - Rickson Azīz-Khāliq Sainvil
Born -...

R ick GhraphIXxX (b. Rickson Azīz-Khāliq Sainvil) on September 15, 1984 in Apex Hills, Hollywood, Florida is an American hip-hop artist, singer and songwriter, producer, Artist and designer.

Rick Villa is the adventure that takes on the form of Music gushing effervescent and fresh sensations that are running after the Girl in your Ear. If you like “sing-songy” tracks, your a hardcore listener or your a pop fanatic you’ll enjoy the music. But maybe are more commercially inclined, so his vibes and his prowess behind the music will envelop you and draw you in close to the Edge. And that edge represents the limits you wont apply to Rick.
Melding his own understanding of Southern Hip Hop History with the understanding of Music, he samples vintage loops blended with futuristic swagger from many palettes of music across the board and produces what you here with a depth that you will understand.

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He effortlessly melds a fusion of imagery, lyricism and southern swagg. He burst out to the mainstream hip-hop culture in early 2007 after dropping the Ill Kutz Vol. 1 Mixtape with his former rap group consisting of his brother Jay Yahel Sainvil ( Jay-Blaze ).

Some breath’s of fresh air that are enjoyed mostly by the ladies are Your My Misses and Indian Girl. One of the Real gems on the Ill Kutz is Dead Presidents Part 3 (HardHitta) Rep_L, where GhraphiXxX delivers a dark sample of the streets that embodied an Old school Fort Lauderdale, New York and Baltimore. His lyrics on this Rendition of the timeless classic primarily set by Nas then sampled by Jay-Z is done arguably fantastically. A captivating voice.

Top 3 Rick GhraphiXxX Last.Fm Listeners as of 04/19/2010
  • 1. SoulSouPreem
  • 2. AKeysFOREVER
  • 3. RippedtGhraphiX

When some labels heard this Independent release they felt the Potential. E.M.I.R Music Recordings released the mixtape. After he left the label. Lately he has altered his style.
He is set to release his third mixtape “The Fantastic Sovereign” in mid-June 2010 in search of a more Giant record deal. And Will feature a new innovative style, but still reminiscent of Lupe Fiasco, Andre 3000, Kanye West and as well as Drake. His style will show a Storytelling knack that is encompassed with a “Freshness” attitude that might remind you of a very young Nas. Not in skill maybe, but in determination.

Rick GhraphiXxX Charts
April 17 th - Dead Presidents Part 3 (HardHitta) Rep_L
April 21 st - Indian Girl
May ?th -

Rick GhraphiXxX Discography

Ill Kutz Vol. 1 LP
Ill Kutz Vol. 1
Ill Kutz (DE)
Ill Kutz Million Mixtape (UK)
Ill Kutz Vol. 1 Mixtape*

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  • luv_villa4000

    Just keep it Up and NEVER, NEVER give up!!

    29 Jul 2010 Reply
  • luv_villa4000

    Cool I like Him.. but need to hear new stuff

    29 Jul 2010 Reply
  • DeathHatred

    Little by little people will hear about him :)

    21 Jun 2010 Reply
  • sonja_mizzouo

    I like it.. This page can use more love, But it'll ge there Im sure

    11 May 2010 Reply
  • deffmusq

    Sup all

    5 May 2010 Reply
  • RippedtGhraphiX

    New Play Day!!! http://www.last.fm/event/1516394+Rick+GhraphiXxX+Play+Day

    29 Apr 2010 Reply

    And I missed most of the play Date.. I was so busy Tuesday! ;(( Ill take care of my scobbles big bruh.. ;)

    23 Apr 2010 Reply
  • deffmusq

    hey guys great idea.. ill try and invite ppl too

    22 Apr 2010 Reply
  • RippedtGhraphiX

    No problem man... you really started and did most.. Ill try and dop some things here and there.. And your right little by little He'll have more fans

    22 Apr 2010 Reply
  • shaggychulo1

    Anytime It is just the beginning so later on it will look better and he will have more fans also little by little :) I am glad u liked what I did . Cool thanks for adding the rest I was hoping you would :)

    22 Apr 2010 Reply
  • RippedtGhraphiX

    I saw the BBC code stuff and was gonna do it today.. But damn school .. lol had some classes THANKS Thanks so Much man.. Ill try and do more things with this style u got goin on it with your help of course

    22 Apr 2010 Reply
  • RippedtGhraphiX

    damn;; you killed it.. ok?? yup yup.. man this is amazing!! I need to go look now at how its done.. lol

    22 Apr 2010 Reply
  • shaggychulo1

    cool see ya then

    21 Apr 2010 Reply
  • RippedtGhraphiX

    Ok well Ill be back here like 8pm. Ill be home then

    21 Apr 2010 Reply
  • shaggychulo1

    Cool when you have them let me know so I can edit them or get it somewhat started

    20 Apr 2010 Reply
  • RippedtGhraphiX

    Im lookin for Pics .. and I found some in the Offices Computer..

    20 Apr 2010 Reply
  • RippedtGhraphiX

    Your Right.. They probably Pic some Model dude.. But maybe cant act.. hahahha Russell Would kill that Role though

    20 Apr 2010 Reply
  • RippedtGhraphiX


    20 Apr 2010 Reply
  • shaggychulo1

    I know he is gonna make so good prob I think it will beat Gladiator its very possible. Which I love . They are gonna make a He-Man also with Some Model guy not a wrestler or body builder.

    20 Apr 2010 Reply
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