• Free music from the Vancouver Sun

    10 Sep 2007, 10:00 by LANjackal

    Earlier this year, Prince released his new album for free via The London Times. Not to be outdone, the Vancouver Sun is now hosting a free CD themselves in collaboration with record label Nettwerk.

    Artists featured are: Sarah McLachlan, Barenaked Ladies, The Weepies, Leigh Nash, Josh Rouse, Uh Huh Her, Great Lake Swimmers, Fauxliage, The Be Good Tanyas, The Perishers, MySpace stars Datarock, Moev, The Format, and The Water Walk.

    Of these, I've heard only of Sarah McLachlan, Barenaked Ladies, Datarock and The Format (who seem to be listed on every other suburban girl's Facebook profile). The files are 192kbps iTunes MP3 rips.

    The download is available only for a limited time, so get it NOW.

    Thanks to my northern British Columbian friend IC for this link.
  • Free Nine Inch Nails remix CD available for download

    7 Sep 2007, 00:04 by LANjackal

    Legally free, too :). If you're a Nine Inch Nails fan like me, you remember a while back when Trent Reznor released free audio fodder for remixing his stuff from Year Zero. Well, now a fansite has collected the best of the best that resulted from that and put it into a free download here.

    The compilation is called The Limitless Potential, and the files are LAME 3.96r 192kbps CBR. Album art is included. Have fun with it :)

    EDIT: Thanks to my Australian friend Pix' for this link
  • Delusional artists/bands

    4 Sep 2007, 08:06 by LANjackal

    The following artists need to get a fucking clue about reality:

    Amon Amarth, Ensiferum - Think they're Vikings. Check out Ensiferum below:

    Wow, guys, an actual Viking boat too? Maybe they show up to concerts on horseback? I know a lot of rockers use drugs, but whatever these guys are on makes them think they're a whole millenium BACK in time. I don't think even Scott Wieland (the greatest rockstar druggie still alive) would try to roll on that shit. But I bet Lindsay Lohan would. Naked. While holding a knife. With people taking pictures.

    MIMS - Thinks people will remember who the fuck he is next year. Truth is, he's probably just another J-Kwon. Who? Exactly.

    Korn - Imagine they still have some significant new creativity left within them. Apparently they don't know when to quit. Oh wait, that's because none of these guys would cut it as a solo artists or in any other band ...

    Billy Corgan - Face it, dude, the Smashing Pumpkins are finished. They've been finished for a while. YOU finished them, remember? Or have the antidepressants destroyed your memory too?

    50 Cent - Thinks "I got shot" = "I'm gangsta". Too bad the nightly news shows every day that literally any fool can get it. 50's actually more of a party rapper currently than anything else, but these days who isn't?

    The Game - He just thinks he got shot, period.

    Rich Boy - The name says it all. He'll die penniless.

    Hurricane Chris - Thinks he can get the entire country to repeat a dumb phrase (A Bay Bay) thanks to a catchy beat. Oh wait, that wasn't a delusion, my bad. Damn I love that song.

    My Chemical Romance - Think they're obsessed with death. Truth: they're obsessed with black eyeliner.

    Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco - Think they're heartthrobs. But for who? Last time I checked, makeup on guys tends to attract ... ummm ... guys. They belong in Kabuki theater.

    T-Pain - Thinks he can fool people that his voice actually sounds like that. Unless he swallowed one of the recording studio Macs, probably not.

    Audio Club - Think people listen to them because they sound good. No they don't. They listen because deep down everyone wants to fuck Ashley, even girls:

    Don't even try to pretend you wouldn't hit it.

    Missy Elliott, Fabolous - Don't you just love how these two rap as if people actually find them even remotely attractive? But hey, that's credit to them, at least that means they have talent and most definitely did NOT get to where they are via sexual favors.

    Avril Lavigne - Thinks the photoshoot for her latest album would make guys think she's hot (as opposed to that weird punk chick no one talks to):

    Unfortunately the picture only made me think of prison and make further mental notes to myself about jailbait types. STAY AWAY *slaps self across face*

    Soilwork - Think they play melodic death metal. RAAAAAH! Yeah, maybe you guys should have told that to the dude who made the video to Stabbing the Drama, because apparently he didn't get the memo. If you hit the mute button, it looks like a Linkin Park video:

    Here's a REAL MDM video, from Insomnium (Finland):

    No mistaking what those dudes are playing. Check the hair, yo. (Although I am a metalhead and I love Insomnium, I actually find that hilarious)

    So, who else should we add to the delusional list, hahaha


    GWAR - These guys apparently never got past age 10. They STILL think they're intergalactic warriors. Fake blood, mock killings, etc. on stage may seem badass to a few folks, but to the rest of us it's just a live reenactment of a Saturday morning action cartoon. I wonder if they have licensed toys? Perhaps their management might want to look into that.
  • Anyone have "Hood Thang" by Metafore featuring Joell Ortiz?

    30 Aug 2007, 21:13 by LANjackal

    Hey so I can't find Hood Thang by metafore featuring Joell Ortiz anywhere. If you have it, hit me up, thanks :)
  • Help build a music fingerprint database!!!

    30 Aug 2007, 08:19 by LANjackal

    In an attempt to clean up the submissions process, the team has decided to create a music database. To do this, it needs to gather information on users' music libraries via audio fingerprinting, done by an application available at the original official blog post here.

    Not to worry, your files aren't altered in any way, but you'll have to sign in via the app to prevent spamming and malicious submissions.

    Fingerprinting doesn't have be done all at once, the app can remember where if left off and pick up from there if interrupted.

    All you have to do is download, install, and then sign in. Tell the app where your music library is via a directory tree listing and go. It'll do the rest, while keeping you updated on the time taken to analyze each track as well as the total time elapsed and remaining. Looks like it's gonna take around 11 hours on this end, so if you have a large library I'd suggest running it overnight or when you're out to work. Here's a screenshot of it running on my PC:

    I posted a question in the comments to the original blog announcement as to whether the fingerprinting feature would eventually be folded into the mainline client so as to deal with new additions to music libraries.

    Speaking of comments, ignore the usual bitching in most of them. I'm running the app with no issues whatsoever on Windows Vista Home Premium.

    Anyway, the point is, needs your help, so buck up :)
  • Google Hacks - Yet another way to find free music

    22 Aug 2007, 11:25 by LANjackal

    So you're stuck on a college network and can't download using Limewire or whatever. Or you have no clue about downloading music in general. Believe it or not, a lot of the music you may be looking for out there can be found by Google, albeit by a different search method from the one you're used to.

    Whether via accident or deliberately, lots of people leave folders wide open on various servers on the internet, allowing you to download from them. Google indexes these, but you have to use special input terms to search them. It's possible to do this via your web browser at, but it's tedious and annoying.

    That's where Google Hacks comes in. All you have to do is specify what you're looking for (name, type, and extension), and hit Enter. The results will pop up in your browser. Each result will be a folder, clicking on it will usually lead you to a listing of its contents. Pick the one you want and download.

    Here's a screenshot:

    Enjoy :)
  • Deathmatch: Young Jeezy vs. T.I. (vs. Katatonia)

    15 Aug 2007, 11:10 by LANjackal

    I got this idea after recalling a short exchange between a friend and myself about it.

    Young Jeezy or T.I.? Who's your pick? All categories and measures open for judgment (lyrics, swagger, style, etc.).

    I pick Jeezy just for his style and hard hitting lyrics. T.I. is party rap. Jeezy makes you feel like you were born in the streets after listening to just one of his songs.

    As he says, he's not a rapper, he's a motivational speaker. Trap or Die has been a personal anthem of mine since I first heard it in 2005(?), and Mr. 17.5 is my current favorite of his. There are quite a few more:

    - Freestyle from the $Nowman
    - I Luv It
    - I Got Money which ironically features T.I.
    - Let's Get It/Sky's the Limit
    - Go Crazy which is exactly what I did when I first heard this track
    - Trap Star
    - That's How Ya Feel "Hit his ass wit it twice, make him A-Town stomp" is my favorite line from that one*
    - Bang again featuring T.I. (this could be a problem...hmmm)

    *Why yes, I prefer gangsta/shoot-em-up/bang-bang rap to party (c)rap, although my tastes don't show it. Or maybe I'm faking. Feel free to debate that too.

    On the other hand, T.I.'s new stuff sounds like a joke.

    In other news, I am huge Katatonia fan, which, given their disdain for Rap/R&B, should come as a huge surprise. Whatever, I love to mix it up.

    Anyway. Young Jeezy vs. T.I. No gloves, no punches pulled. Let's GO!
  • New blog about hot, real life metal girls (submissions welcome!)

    12 Aug 2007, 08:01 by LANjackal

    ... is called Metal Angels and features hot metal chicks I find via

    PLEASE DO NOT HARASS THE GIRLS I FEATURE. I AM NOT TRYING TO ACTUALLY MEET THEM. They probably don't want to meet you or be your friend, or mine for that matter. I'm just being realistic about people you meet over the net, is all.

    EACH PERSON IS INFORMED THAT THEY ARE BEING FEATURED so that they can request a takedown if they want. So far I've had no negative feedback from any of them.

    The purpose of this blog is to showcase HOT chicks that dig metal. I started it because as a male metalhead \m/ I find it hard to meet such people in real life, but am encouraged by seeing some proof that they exist out there. You may laugh if you want, but if you're a guy who's into metal but have been forced to endure/pretend to like Fall Out Boy, Dashboard Confessional and other less than heavy music just so you can meet decently attractive girls you understand where I'm coming from.

    Emphasis on the word HOT (i.e. if you're not hot don't expect to get a free pass just because you listen to Metallica). Submissions welcome. Otherwise, click the links and enjoy!

    Submissions Rules

    First of all: Equal Opportunity. All races and all metal subgenres. That said, you must provide:

    1 - a link to her profile for proof that she's actually metal (a metal act must be in your Top 50).

    2 - a link to more pics of the person in question to prove that she's hot (sorry, the default pic will not suffice). The link must be on the profile itself for proof that she's the same person. The pics must be publicly accessible

    3 - Girls must be 18+ and look like it

    4 - Shameless self promotion is allowed = you may submit yourself

    Acceptance/rejection is entirely subjective and solely up to me. i.e. don't take it personally, and don't argue with me about it. You don't have to look like a Maxim model, but looking lame won't get you on the list either.

    That said, I hope you enjoy it :). The first entry's already up. I've added some bands here that I listen to that are tagged here as metal to help get the ball rolling :)

    Into Eternity, Isis, Lacuna Coil, Slipknot, Static-X, Atreyu, Limp Bizkit, Katatonia, Shadows Fall, Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, It Dies Today, Porcupine Tree, Staind, 10 Years, Tool, Korn, Destroy The Runner, Stone Sour, Queens of the Stone Age, Filter, Trapt
  • If you like this artist, you'll also like...

    5 Aug 2007, 04:45 by LANjackal

    Yet another music matching tool out there, people. Enter musiclens, the site that allows you to find artists you may like (or group artists you already know) by adjusting various sliders in different categories and seeing the real-time results on a 3D map and recommendation list.

    The factor categories are (and their extrema):

    Volume (Ear Busting <--> Silent)
    Tempo (Fast <--> Slow)
    Voice (Instrumental <--> Vocal)
    Size (Orchestra <--> Slow)
    Purpose (Listening <--> Dance)
    Sex (Male <--> Female)
    Age (0, 10, ... <--> More)
    Mood (Smile <--> Angry)
    Color (Spectrum)

    I tried it, adjusting the sliders to what I think is representative of the type of music I normally enjoy the most. Below is what I got:

    I listen to 6/8 of the artists listed below the graph: Korn, P.O.D., N*E*R*D, Beck, Lamb and LL Cool J. That's 7.5/10, not bad at all for the site. What's impressive is that the results are fairly genre-spanning. Who'd have thought LL Cool J'd be correctly recommended alongside Korn without having any prior knowledge of the user's scrobbling record? Amazing.

    Oh by the way, for those who are familiar with the other artists that I don't listen to (because I haven't heard them yet), could you recommend me something by them? Fans of Sinitta and Manowar, now's your chance to be heard ;)

    Try it yourself, see what you get and post back about it!
  • Artists you should be ashamed of listening to

    3 Aug 2007, 20:02 by LANjackal

    Time for the wall of shame, folks - the artists you'd rather NOT be seen on your profile. The stuff you don't tell your friends you listen to. The stuff you blast in your car with the windows UP. The whiny shit you play when you feel rejected or down. The over-the-top gutter stuff you play when you feel gangsta. The guilty pleasures. Let's get right into it (in no particular order):

    Master P - The term "gutter" was probably coined for this guy. Unlike other rappers like 50 Cent who at least try to be classy at times, P makes no such attempt. As he says in the intro to his track Act a Fool, "I couldn't give a fuck what a ****a got to say about me ... I ain't got no muthafuckin image, I'm from the hood". The very "nicely" named Time To Check My Crackhouse is another pick. Master P is great stuff to listen to if you suddenly feel someone owes you something (a lot of his older tracks are about getting paid his due) or if you just don't feel like giving a fuck about what anyone thinks.

    It Dies Today - I love these guys. But that doesn't change the fact that they're bleeding heart emo dressed up - quite convincingly - as metalcore. At least the lyrics are really good while being fairly literal, unlike a certain Ohio band I'll get to in a minute. Pick: try not to cry at the beginning of the second verse of Sixth of June when the line "hope and love seem to be a waste here in this mortal reality" hits you. Another pick: Sirens: "the fates have spun a noose it seems...".

    Hawthorne Heights - Remember the Ohio band I said I'd get to? These are they. Question: who writes their lines, middle schoolers? Their songs are filled with simple missives such as "Seeing you cry makes me feel like saying sorry", "cut my wrists and black my eyes", "I hope this message finds you well/never thought I'd live to tell/what's a dream and what is real/the way I really feel" - there's no imagination or complexity in their words and very little actual creativity. Many people would say the same about the rest of their sound too. Yet somehow it comes together so. damn. well. Picks to cry your eyes out and slash your wrists ;) to (or laugh at): Ohio Is For Lovers, Pens And Needles, Saying Sorry. HH are band that are easy to hate but also very easy to empathize with. A good example of a case in which "keep it simple" works.

    Tiga - 2 words: unbridled narcissism. You Gonna Want Me and Sunglasses At Night should convince you of that. Just about everything he makes is a metrosexual anthem. Good to listen to if you hang with fashion-conscious crowds because it really puts you in that frame of mind.

    George Michael - I dare you to mention you like this guy's music in public. Go ahead. George came out of the closet some years ago, but at least (until his last release), the lyrics weren't queer. I'm tolerant, but I can't listen to blatantly gay stuff. HOWEVER, his material previous to that is pretty damn good and straight. Pick: Older.

    Wham - The duo George above used to be a part of, and a permanent staple of wedding reception soundtracks. No one ever remembers who the other guy was. Everything She Wants is perfect for that demanding, spoiled bitch special person in your life for whom you work so hard. Cranking their music anywhere other than at a wedding or an 80s party will get you laughed at.

    Paris Hilton - For the record, Paris isn't a slut, she just happened to videotaped doing something with her bf that a lot of girls do anyway. But she is a media whore. And one with little talent. Thankfully, the remixes to Turn It Up should allow you to forget that last part for a couple minutes. Props to the DJs who actually made her listenable.

    Kelly Clarkson - Poor Kelly. After a very public spat with her recording cohorts, her tour got canceled due to low ticket sales. But on the bright side, her latest release should convince more people that she's more than just a contest winner who got lucky. Try Never Again and the remixes to it.

    Any others to join the wall of shame? Hahaha suggestions welcome

    EDIT (I'm actually adding to this list based on the suggestions in the comments to the original journal. The thoughts that follow are my own):

    irishtim suggested the following:

    My Chemical Romance - These guys are obsessed with... black eyeliner. NOT DEATH. However, if you enjoy melodrama, get on their bus. "Thank you for the venom RAAAAAAH!" naw y'all just need to shut the fuck up, please

    Fall Out Boy - Along with a certain Las Vegas act also suggested by 'tim, they've created a kind of dance emo rock. New, but gets old fast. Unfortunately a lot of girls I know like them, so I have to pretend to do so also :(

    Panic! at the Disco - Same as the above. To their credit, I do think they have a unique sound. And how many emo bands get played at clubs in the middle of a rap/hip-hop mix? Just don't make the mistake of playing them on repeat at a party. You'll get death threats within the hour (seen at a party of a friend last year)

    Good Charlotte - OK, I admit their debut stuff was awful, but The Chronicles of Life and Death changed my perception of them so much for the better that I decided to give The Young and the Hopeless a spin. I wasn't disappointed and actually currently highly recommend them

    mattasaur suggested:

    Justin Timberlake - Ehhh... I'm not so sure about this one. After quitting *NSYNC, Justin came out swinging with Justified and followed that up just last year with FutureSex/LoveSounds. I think Justin has made the transition from music fad to true, classic talent probably better than anyone else at least in this decade. OK, so I added him to the list, but I'm not dissing him because I think he's actually good.