rhythmbox shuts down sometimes when i adjust the volume

  • rhythmbox shuts down sometimes when i adjust the volume

    anyone else have this issue? At first I thought I was clicking the X (since volume is so close to the X), but it happens even when I use the + key to adjust volume instead of the mouse.
    Doesn't happen everytime. But a major bummer, when you're going to turn up a song you like and it kills rhytmbox (and you can't restart the track cuz it's a lastfm stream)
    Much thanks for any tips y'all might have.

  • same problem^^
    not just by hearing last.fm

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 17 Jan 2010, 15:27
    Sounds like a bug there, bill.

    Which version of RB and linux distro do you have?

  • This was on ubuntu 9.10 with whatever the compatible version of RB was. How's that for a delayed response? :)

  • It happened to me too, yesterday with ubuntu 9.10 fully updated, RB is version 0.12.7, and I was simply listening to my onw library and decided to raise the volume inside rhythmbox.

  • haha me too..

    not even a clue here.. but the quick fix is to just adjust the main volume instead of using rhythmbox to control the volume...
    btw i just upgraded to lynx. mostly flawless except for some weird not being able to mount the usb.. havent tried it yet wish me luk!

  • I get this problem with rhythmbox all the time. Adjusting the volume will cause rhythmbox to die and often pulseaudio will fall over too.

    Sometimes I also get pulseaudio to die when changing tracks too fast in rhythmbox.

    Would be great to know if anyone has a solution for this!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 12 May 2010, 06:33
    Same here, but still it's my favourite. It only happens when adjusting the volume.

    • fludwig said...
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    • 30 May 2010, 21:16
    have you tried to run it from a console and looked at the output rhythmbox spills out there?

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