Five Score and Seven Years Ago

  • Five Score and Seven Years Ago

    So, I probably shouldn't have this yet, but I do, and this isn't to discuss what's wrong/right with filesharing, but to discuss what people think of the new album. Personally, I think it's more of the same from Mmhmm, which is no bad thing. I don't think there are too many stand-out tracks yet, except Faking My Own Suicide, but that might be because I haven't given it enough listens yet. Anyway, it's certainly a good album in my opinion. Thoughts, anyone?

  • I loved it! *-*
    I thought it was better than Mmhmm, maybe the sound was more mature than the other this time.
    I liked "Come Right Out and Say It" and the most recent success "Must Have Done Something Right".

    With this new album the re-enchanted (does it exist?) me.
    Have you seen the new videoclip already?

    all you need is love. ;]
  • No, we don't get Relient K videos on TV in my country :( I guess that's what the internet is for though... hehe, will head on over to Youtube and check out some videos of theirs (never seen any to be honest).

    • AchatzB said...
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    • 22 Jun 2007, 23:25
    I liked Five Score and Seven Years ago, but not quite as much as I did Mmhmm.
    Though "The Best Thing", "Bite my Tongue" and "Faking my own Suicide" are really great songs :)

  • I really prefer Mmhmm. But some of the songs of five score are good, but my favorite is Mmhmmm and "be my escape"

    Who I am hates who I've been.
  • Uhmm...

    I really really really like "Five Score and Seven Year Ago"
    The songs are all really awesome and can't stop listening to it, though i do think they kinda changed style. Not much, but still, i can't choose between mmhmm or Five Score ....

    So i'll just call it a tie ;-)

  • haha!!

    yea, this album is awesome. It shows how far they have come in their style and skill. They have matured so much!

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