the world of dub & classics

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    the world of dub & classics

    Perhaps we could help boost each others charts by having a place to share some of our favorites in . I know I would welcome discovering more.

    There's a lot of great dub out there worth mentioning aside from classics, from many parts of the world. Since "reggae dub" is an ambiguous term, I've included some artists without any bias.

    Zenzile (France)
    Daab (Poland)
    Ras Command (Germany)
    Dubmatix (Canada)
    Dry & Heavy (Japan)
    Gomba Jahbari (Puerto Rico)
    Thievery Corporation (U.S.A.)
    Audio Active (Japan)
    The Orb (U.K.)
    Easy Star All-Stars (U.S.A.)
    Asian Dub Foundation(U.K.)

    With D&H, the most amazing compilation I've heard would have to be Full Contact as well as their work with King Jammy (commonly known as Prince Jammy). With respect to Gomba, I highly recommend their latest, titled Identidub, which includes songs from their first two albums as well as new tracks all in dub.

    Here are some musicians who I feel dubheads should know or get to know. I won't name the obvious so instead, here are a few who I think are not listened to enough.
    Despite owning several of these artists CD's, I definitely don't listen to them as much as I would like to.

    Mikey Dread
    Tapa Zukie
    Linton Kwesi Johnson
    Prince Far I
    Big Youth
    Yabby You

    " is spiritually revolutionary, and the message is divine. The message content opens the eyes of the people to the evils of the system…as inside the music are the seeds of destruction of the said shitstem." -- Peter Tosh
  • Staples of dub

    Howdo amigo...just a pointer to any "Dub Heads" reading....King Tubby's just gotta be in there..niney the observer..Linval Thompson too..just some of my favorites had to pop them up there.

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