• db0 said...
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    • 18 Sep 2006, 12:45
    I really just hate it when I see related journals in artist pages and 99% of the time it is just someone listing his favorite artists or playing a stupid game.

    It is fortunate that what is necessary, is easy to acquire and what is difficult to have, is not necessary - Epicurus.
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 24 Sep 2006, 01:04
    Thank You for this group :)
    I've only been here a couple of days and I'm already tired of seeing all the games and lists.

    I know that kind of thing happens on every website where people are offered a space to voice their opinions, but it needs to stop. Soon preferably ;)

    • jeej said...
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    • 24 Sep 2006, 01:18
    No worries, glad to have you aboard. :-)

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  • Hey there peoples, first off I'll make a few enemys by saying that I have nothing against the surveys and the quizzies. I just prefer "real" journal entries.
    I joined this group more because I like writing real journal entries and reading them, as opposed to say joining because I hate quizzies.
    I love writing stuff in my last.fm journals, every now and again I actually have something happen and think "Oh this shit is soo going on last".
    But then every now and again when I get bored I actually fill in a quizzie of some kind, but I delete the journal entry after a few weeks, they're always temporary.

    (This account is no longer in use. New account here; Marx)
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 25 Jul 2007, 17:59
    i try to make my journal entry's as good as i can, other than once i never did a quiz/survey, also i post a new journal entry once/twice a week, so feel free to comment any time


  • Hallo!
    I'm Anne from Germany.
    Someone out there who wants to read and comment my journals?

  • Hey group! Glad I found you. Just always open to learning from everyone! ;)

  • I'm sure there's a lot of good reading here--just joined, and I'll be browsing. Don't be scared of my current series of "list" journals: they're much more about the writing than the lists.

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