Top Five Ratt Songs

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    • 21 May 2008, 03:52

    Top Five Ratt Songs

    In no particular order

    You Think Your Tough
    Nobody Rides for Free
    Dangerous but Worth the Risk
    We Don't Belong
    Top Secret

  • Top Five

    Well, I'm gonna list 'em in order:

    1. What's It Gonna Be
    2. Givin' Yourself Away
    3. Wanted Man
    4. Scene of the Crime
    5. One Step Away

  • 1. What's It Gonna Be
    2. Looking For Love
    3. Givin' Yourself Away
    4. What You Give Is What You Get
    5. One Good Lover

  • top 5

    Round and round
    Lay it down
    I want a woman
    Givin yourself away

    bluä.. impossible.. i don´t know.. youre in love and looking for love is excellent to.

  • It's really hard. Depends on mood sometimes.
    Anyway, now they are:

    Givin' Yourself Away
    Hold Tight
    All the Way
    It Ain't Easy
    Over the Edge

    ...when I sing "Boom Boom"... I want'cha all to answer me back with - "Out Go the Lights!"... (c)
  • Round And Round
    Lack Of Communication
    You're In Trouble
    You're In Love
    Lay It Down

  • In alphabetical order:

    Can't Wait On Love
    Givin' Yourself Away
    Never Use Love
    Top Secret
    You're In Love

    „Und es soll jeder für alle Zukunft wissen, dass, wenn er die Hand zum Schlag gegen den Staat erhebt, der sichere Tod sein Los ist.“
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    • 14 Nov 2010, 19:57
    1.Dangerous But Worth The Risk
    2.Way Cool Jr.
    4.You Think You're Tough
    5.You're In Love

  • You're in Trouble
    Heads I Win...
    The Morning After
    Lay It Down
    We Don't Belong

  • 1. Round And Round
    2. Dance
    3. Lay it Down
    4. Back for more
    5. Lovin you's a dirty job

  • One of the hardest questions I've been ever asked LOL

    Way Cool Jr.
    Lovin' You's a Dirty Job
    Givin' Yourself Away
    and surely Round And Round

  • Chain Reaction
    Body Talk
    Round and Round
    Bottom Line
    Givin' Yourself Away

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