How did you find out?

  • How did you find out?

    Just as easy as the title looks like: how did you find out about Rapalje? And what made you love their music so well?

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    • 13 Sep 2009, 13:00
    i saw them at the castlefest live. Ive hear from some omnia fans, that they are a really good band before, but I dont listen the music. At first on the castlefest. And love this muic very much, and want to see them again soon ;-)

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    • 13 Sep 2009, 16:13
    how did I find out, pretty much the same as our omniafan above, though for me it was @ folkwoods '09.
    Allways been into celtic/ folk like music.
    And hell yeah, it's dutch, hard to top that I reckon

  • For me it's almost 3 years ago, when they playd Celtic Fire in the Dutch theatres. It was on 9 December 2006 that they played in Zwolle.
    I went with my father to the concert and from that moment I liked the music of Rapalje. Although I started once with celtic music when I was 10 years old.
    After Celtic Fire it became quiet, but this year I saw Rapalje on Elf Fantasy Fair, Castlefest and during "Koninginnedag".

  • I think I've known them for ages now.
    I eventually found them somewhere in my musiclist and was like what the hell is this. But I liked it right away. ^^
    The first time I saw them was at a gothic fantasy thingy in 2007 and I saw them 6 times now hehe.

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  • I saw them at the Medieval festival on Queensday in Groningen, don't know how long ago. First time I saw them and loved them immediately! Seen them severall times since.

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