Top 5 reggae albums?

  • Top 5 reggae albums?

    Keep in mind that I only have 40 or so reggae albums so I am kind of a 'noob'...

    1. Catch a Fire (Deluxe)
    2. Funky Kingston + In The Dark (CD reissue)
    3. Marcus Garvey + Garvey's Ghost (CD reissue)
    4. Blackheart Man
    5. Legalize It
    6. African Herbsman
    7. When Two Sevens Clash
    8. Burnin'
    9. Uprising
    10. The Harder They Come

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  • My opinion

    1. Peter Tosh- STand Up
    2. Bob Marley - Exodus
    3. Bob Marley - Kaya
    4. Sizzla - Deep
    5. Bob Marley - Soul Revlotions
    6. Burning Spear- Man in hills
    7. Peter Tosh- Wanted Dread and Alive
    8. Bob Marley- Burning
    9. Bob Marley- Rebel Music
    10. Peter Tosh - Mama Africa

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    • nco_ said...
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    • 31 Jan 2006, 00:12
    hey, guys...
    just wanted to say that Uprising is without any doubt the number one...
    not enough energy to make a top ten, anyway ;-)

  • a compilation of overlooked but brilliant roots reggae songs from 70's called "Keep the pressure down" is always among my favourite reggae albums..

  • 1. Exodus - Bob Marley
    2. Legalize it - Peter Tosh
    3. Funky Kingston - Toots and the Maytals
    4. Equal Rights - Peter Tosh
    5. Catch a Fire - Bob Marley

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 Mar 2006, 04:42
    Hmmm...reggae's not really about albums, if you ask's all about 7" singles. Compilations are a good way of tracking down tunes, and in some cases the only way you'll get a copy of a tune...but the long-playing album has never been a reggae thing.

    • Rizlas said...
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    • 24 Mar 2006, 11:22
    Gotta agree with cowfoot...It's definitely all about the 7"s :-D

    • cvx111 said...
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    • 18 Apr 2006, 15:09
    i agree with cowfoot 2

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  • What do U think about...
    Ultimate collection-Steel Pulse
    The Same Song-Israel Vibration
    dreadlocks,The Time Is Now-The Gladiators

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    • Varese said...
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    • 11 May 2006, 17:05
    Theres so much good stuff out there its unbelievable. I agree singles are where its at, but this is my (vaguely) top five. (May I recommend you go out and buy these now if you don't have 'em? ;-) (especially if you think Bob Marley is the best there is)

    1) Heart of the Congos- The Congos (Blood & Fire) Possibly Lee Perry's finest hour as albums go. Certainly up there with Police and Thieves- Junior Murvin (Island), Party Time- The Heptones (Island), War Inna Babylon- Max Romeo (Island) and To Be A Lover- George Faith (Island(?) Hip-O-Disc(?)). In fact, you might as well get all of these, as well as Super Ape- The Upsetters and Columbia Colly- Jah Lion (Island). Oh, and Conscious Man- Jolly Brothers (Four Leaves?). Phew... Thats a lot innit? ;-) Round it off by buying Arkology, a 3cd collection of Scratch's stuff that Island released a few years back and is now available quite cheaply.

    Then, I guess I'd say:

    2) Satta Massa Gana- The Abyssinians (Heartbeat) Now, this is simply because I love the Abyssinians and its the best album.. You could go and get something else though; how about Children of Jah- The Chantells and Friends (Blood & Fire) as its also full of great harmonys, tunes all presented in discomix style (with the dubs on the end) and going for about £5 in England. Probably the same elsewhere, or order it off

    After that, I'd get yourselves some Gregory Isaacs- surprised he wasn't on anybodies list. Now, the man can be a little cheesy at times, and his later stuff is often frankly pants, but your collection would thank you if you bought...

    3) Cool Ruler/Soon Forward Selection- Gregory Isaacs (Virgin) which is a collection of two albums, minus a few tracks... Of course, most of his albums before '85, when he first went down, are buy on sight IMHO. His later stuff has a few jewels. "Rumours" is a classic 12" everyone should have. As for albums, well Warning, an album he did at King Tubbys shortly before Tubby was shot, is one I've been getting into recently. If you like your late 80's Casio keyboard reggae I can't recommend it more!

    Now we're talking Tubby... Where to start???? Hmmmmmmm....... well...... How about some tunes voiced at Tubbys as this is top five REGGAE albums, not dub, eh? Joint 4th then....

    4) -Feel Good All Over- Horace Andy
    - Natty Dread Anthology- Cornell Campbell
    - Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks- Linval Thompson (All 2cd Trojan collections and well worth the dollar...)
    -Anything by Johnny Clarke from '75-'84!
    These are all full of really great reggae, mostly produced by Bunny Lee and a few others. You might as well pick up their dubs too, which are available on sodloads of compilations like the Blood & Fire ones like Dub Like Dirt and Dub Gone Crazy

    Oh no- only one choice left????

    As this is my favorites, I'll have three albums in joint fifth:

    5.1) Blessed Youth- Hugh Mundell (Makasound) Mr. Africa Must be Free by 1983 himself, another classic you should probably get if you don't have it (Its on a Greensleeves cd with its dub). Recorded from when he was 12, died at the age of 20 or something. This is a collection of his 2nd album in both its forms, and I love it. All his albums are worth it though. Again, IMHO. Next we have:

    5.2) Any of SoulJazz's Studio One collections. (SoulJazz) Now, I really like Discomixes, but really any of these are jampacked with classics with no filler. If you like Bob you might be surprised to hear his youthful voice on the first tunes he ever did for Clement Dodd.

    Arghhhh- only one left... Gulp. Better have one which is more contempory, and shows that Matisyahu is a complete no-talent prat. (All power to him though- nice to see someone ploughing their own furrow) How about:

    5.3) Rhythm & Sound w/ The Artists Berlin based techno producer known as Basic Channel do dub excellently, and this is a collection of their tunes... They're great, especially Cornell Campbell's King Of My Empire.

    Ah, well. Guess I can't do 5. I missed out Lacksley Castell completely (I prefer his 12"s), and left the dub alone completely... And I forgot Jesus Dread Arrghhh... Ah well. I'll spend the next 10 minutes kicking myself then!

    Enjoy, Varese

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  • Re:

    Quoth stonedsanta:
    My opinion

    1. Peter Tosh- STand Up
    2. Bob Marley - Exodus
    3. Bob Marley - Kaya
    4. Sizzla - Deep
    5. Bob Marley - Soul Revlotions
    6. Burning Spear- Man in hills
    7. Peter Tosh- Wanted Dread and Alive
    8. Bob Marley- Burning
    9. Bob Marley- Rebel Music
    10. Peter Tosh - Mama Africa

    right *thumbsup*

    • boozm said...
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    • 30 Jun 2006, 01:19


    alpha blondy - Paris Bercy
    marley - Survival
    congos - Heart of the Congos
    johnny osbourne - Truths and Rights
    jimmy cliff - Harder They Come

  • here goes

    Alpha Blondy - Masada
    Bob Marley - Survival
    Ijahman - Haile I Hymn
    UB40 - Signing Off
    Culture - Two Sevens Clash
    Max Romeo - War Ina Babylon
    Black Uhuru - Anthem
    Burning Spear - Marcus Garvey
    Gladiators - Dreadlocks The Time Is Now
    Third World - 96 Degrees In The Shade
    Various - Rockers Soundtrack
    Peter Tosh - Equal Rights

    Notes: No "Best Of" compilations in my list. Also, Only 1 album per artist (otherwise it would be full of only 1 or 2 artists hehe).
    Of course many favs are missing but I feel this is a good representative of my fav crucial roots reggae.


    • jvglion said...
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    • 21 Jul 2006, 15:19
    My favorites:

    Peter Tosh - Legalize It
    Bunny Wailer - Blackheart Man
    BM&W - Confrontation
    Anything from Jacob Miller
    Burning Spear - Hail HIM
    The Mighty Diamonds - Right Time Come

    I can go on for a while longer, but I'll stop with that.

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    • darewon said...
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    • 30 Jul 2006, 04:37
    Heptones-Party Time
    Lee Perry-Return of the Super Ape
    Alpha Blondy-Apartheid is Nazism
    Dry & Heavy-Full Contact
    Horace Andy-Dance Hall Style

  • 1. Gentleman - Superior
    2. Tiken Jah Fakoly - Francafrique
    3. Toots & Co - Pressure Drop, best of
    4. Turbulence - Notorious
    5. Sture Alléns Dansorkester - Långsamt gift.. (Swedish)

  • Whats happenign reggae fans. I am the noob!! I will throw in the opinion anyway.

    1. Anything by Marley
    2. Peter Tosh -Equal Rights
    3. Abyssinians -Satta Massaganna
    4. Burning Spear -Marcus Garvey and Garvey's Ghost
    5. LKJ -Dread,Beat and Blood (Surprised he hasnt gotten a mention yet)
    6. Steel Pulle -Compilations
    7. Culture -Two Sevens Clash/Cumbolo
    8. Bunny Wailer -Blackheart Man
    9. Augustus Pablo -King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown
    10. Black Uhuru -Sinsemilla (If only for the name)

    I think we have been given an impossible task here. I must also agree that the 7"s are the best place for the individual tracks. Anyway keep it blazing KP

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  • I forgot so many, the more I think about it the more impossible it seems. Anyway thought I would just throw UB40, Signing Off in there also. I am also going to see Culture this month. Think about that and envy me!!!!:p

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    • Varese said...
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    • 19 Aug 2006, 12:41
    Culture are OK live, but they tend to do all their songs REALLY QUICKLY live. Sounds a bit like a sped up techno version or something, which is a bit wierd. Joseph Hill is a fucking fantastic entertainer though.

    I last saw them in June with The Abyssinians, Luciano, Andrew Tosh and The Rasites. Possibly the best line-up I've seen since that night with Junior Murvin, Cornell Campbell, Linval Thompson, Junior Byles, Horace Andy and Johnny Clarke in Hackney a couple of years ago. Not bad for a nights entertainment, eh?

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  • That sounds like a fucking top notch gig. We never get names like that all together in Ireland. Fucking living in a small country is a pain in the hole. That sounds like quite a night out though.

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    • Varese said...
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    • 19 Aug 2006, 14:38
    Joseph Hill (Culture) has just been reported dead. What a loss.

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    • Rancido said...
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    • 20 Aug 2006, 21:33
    Hi there...
    I completely agree with Varese that when it comes to Roots 7"s is really where its at(by the way,nice list man!),nevertheless heres my list:

    1.Hugh Mundell-Africa must be free by 1983-Also worth checking the dub version of this classic Rockers production album

    2.Burning Spear-BS.-His first album for Sir C.S Dodd-The opener,Door Peeper, also a single for Studio 1 will send chills through your spine!

    3.Johnny Clarke-Dreader Dread-A compendium of some of his 70s classics produced by Bunny Lee.Essential

    4.Israel Vibration-The same song-Miles away from their latest works,theres some serious tunes here.Wicked harmonies

    5.The Congos-Heart of the Congos-Nuff said.

    6.Jacob Miller-Who said Jah no dread-Another Rockers gem,it includes the seminal baby i love you so

    7.Michael Prophet-Stars in disco showcase-in my list because of "Ethiopia".Produced by Yabby You

    8.Linval Thompson-I love Marijuana-Wicked rockers style rhythms throughout the album courtesy of Horsemouth Wallace.Thomson's vocal delivery is majestic

    9.Yabby You-Jesus Dread I and II-Essential roots collection on Blood and Fire of some of his best productions (i love the Wayne Wade tracks) as well as his own tunes

    10.Rhythm and Sound-Artists/Versions-Pure class.The old spirit of true Roots taken to the 21st century-The Lovejoys "Best friend" among my favourites...

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Aug 2006, 19:00
    Great list..."Door Peeper" is toooo heavy for words (and toooo expensive for me to get a copy on 7"!). Anyone checked the Radiodread LP yet? Some quality versions, stands on it's own as a reggae album...I've posted the version of Karma Police HERE...plenty more where that came from...PM me for soulseek/MSN...

  • I dont think its possible to say what albums are the best there is so many of them so many diffrent artists so many voices! Or maybe Im noob in this...

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