Live Performance

    • Shoom81 said...
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    • 19 Sep 2006, 12:49

    Live Performance

    I've seen him perform twice and he simply blew me away.
    Never before I witnessed such a tight knit set on 4 turntables and an mpc. Jumping back and for behind his equipment being on point every time, building up, smacking your face, beautifully doodling on the mpc, actually performing better versions of his album tracks combining them with the original samples he used... I wish I could see him again.
    Haven't seen Shadow live yet (besides internet videos) but I think Shadow can't hold a candle to RJ.

    What do you think?

  • I've been waiting for RJ to do some shows out in NY so I can check him out. Untill then, I'll have to just wait and replay the albums.

  • I saw him in Vienna and it was like you describe it. I was thrilled and charmed and excited, maybe I enjoyed that concert more than all that I´ve been too!

  • Ive seen him recently and he performed live. as in on guitar n shit, as well as on the mpc. it was sooooo sick. i was blown away at how perfect the instumental of ghostwriter was. simply amazing.

    • Ecash12 said...
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    • 7 Jul 2007, 04:15
    I saw him live in Baltimore a few months ago with Busdriver, and the show was simply phenomenal. I've also seen DJ Shadow live, and while he performed a great set, RJ's performance is still #1 in my mind. He did really exciting and new things with tracks from his albums, while Shadow sort of performed the tracks the same way they were on his albums, with minor changes. I think he's gonna be in NYC sometime in October, so I'll probably be there.

  • i saw him live in berlin in germany ... i think it was last two weeks was great ..
    the location was very small,allot of english-spoken people ... great .. allot of cultures there..
    he was there with a band .. very good .. but i think he was the band :P ... he is very talented .:) great music

    Trenne nie s vom t denn das tut beiden weh!
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