Which Club near YOU plays retro music and when?

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    • 3 Jun 2009, 19:39

    Which Club near YOU plays retro music and when?

    I loved Whisky Saigon night club in Toronto. Especially on Sunday when they had their Retro 80s Night. it was awesome!!!

    " Whiskey Saigon - Toronto, Ontario Canada,
    Every sunday night is a Retro 80's festival at Whiskey Saigon. 3 floors of all retro 80s music, with the third floor being the huge dance floor, wicked laser/light show, and packed full of people and rockin' tunes.
    Sunday nights on the top floor from 9:00pm - 2:00am. Always a big crowd and you can listen to it live on Edge 102 in Toronto "

    Which club near YOU has 80s nights? And When?

  • Dr. Feelgood's

    Plays 80's music, mostly hair metal. all the time. owned by Motley Crue's Vince Neil. in West Palm Beach Florida. http://www.drfeelgoodsbar.com/

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