• Quintessential Player post mortem

    22 Apr 2012, 04:55 by Toe

    Sad to say, but for those who don't know, QMP is no longer in development. As the home page of notes, the last release was over 3 years ago. Basically, its developer, Paul Quinn, became a dad and didn't have time to continue maintaining it. So he kicked out one last release and called it a day.

    He also closed down the official forum, which was overrun with spam. I was one of the moderators there, and basically the other mods and I had given up on trying to keep the place clean (the forum software needed to be updated), and the forum wasn't being used for much anymore, so we pretty much packed up and left. A few members of the old forum started up their own Quintessential Community Forum, though there's not a lot of activity there, and almost no discussion of QMP.

    Anyway, that's pretty much where things stand today. Personally, I've moved on to using MusicBee as my main music player. I know some former QMP users who now use AIMP, and then there's always ol' Winamp. But of course, if QMP still works for you and covers all of your needs, you're free to keep using the final version as long as you like.
  • QMP 5.0 is here!

    19 Feb 2009, 06:34 by Toe

    After an entirely too long wait, not to mention some site downtime, Paul has finally released QMP 5.0!

    Download now at!

    From the upgrade announcement:

    Quintessential Media Player 5.0 is now available.

    Only 5 years after the previous release of QCD, QMP 5.0 arrives.
    This version is a completely new release of the Quintessential Player franchise.

    Quintessential Media Player 5.0 - The highest numbered version yet!

    For QMP discussions, support, and fun come to the Quinnware forums and join the ever-growing community of users. We're at:
  • New Audioscrobbler plug-in for QMP

    6 Nov 2007, 08:57 by Tokelil

    I have finished my work on a new Audioscrobbler plug-in for Quintessential Media Player.

    This plug-in uses the AS 1.2 protocol and only runs under QMP b119+.


    Source code can be found here:

    If you have bug's or suggestions, please report them in the below thread or I might not see them:
  • New plugin, new QMP wiki, and more

    10 Jun 2007, 13:45 by Toe

    Tokelil recently started working on a new Audioscrobbler plugin for QMP. Check out his post (starting at 9th post down). Still pretty early in development, but working well for me so far.

    In other news, there's also a new wiki for QMP up and running at If you couldn't tell from the URL, it's run by yours truly. :) Anyway, lots of documentation and how-to articles are being written for it, but we need more. Since it's a wiki, anyone can edit it, you just have to sign up for it. (Actually, I'm thinking about making it so that you don't even have to sign up to edit it.)

    Sorry I haven't written much to this group journal as of late, but it looks like someone took it upon themselves to post here for me. >_< This gypsy_eyes1982 person apparently belongs to 159 groups, and I'm guessing he's posted his messages to every one of them, nevermind if people can actually read them or not. So I decided to set the group's permissions so that only 'approved' people can post. If anyone would like to post messages to the group journal, or has a suggestion for something for me to write about, drop me a line. The best way to get ahold of me would be a private message on the Quinnware forum.
  • QMP b113 and new Plugin Development Kit available

    15 Sep 2006, 04:44 by Toe

    The latest development build of QMP (b113) is now available at:

    Anyone interested in writing plugins for QMP should grab out the new Plugin Development Kit from:
  • Link to old QCD forum

    7 Sep 2006, 08:49 by Toe

    Since the old forum for QCD isn't linked anymore, but it still exists, I thought I'd post a link to it:

    Of course, if you're looking for the official forum for QCD/QMP, that would be at:
  • So I'm the new group leader.

    25 May 2006, 09:54 by Toe

    There's only one thing I can say, then.