Grammy Hall of Fame!

  • Grammy Hall of Fame!

    I just read that "Riders On The Storm" by The Doors was chosen to be inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame!! So excited for this!!

    If your interested, you can get the entire list of 2010 inductees here:

    What do you think of the winners?
    Who are they missing?
    Is there a different Doors Song that you think would be a better fit?

    Just curious!

  • Doors DVD

    Hey all! The Doors will be dropping a new dvd on June 29th! Entitled "The When You're Strange - a film about the doors" The film includes previously unseen footage and will provide new insight into the revolutionary impact of their music and legacy. View the trailer at http://link.b...rightcove...623001?bctid=68161846001

  • Safety first

    "Riders on the Storm" is a decent choice, but it's certainly cocktail-party friendly. The Doors were famed for their ability to rock and shock, so why not "When the Music's Over." Seems like a list where they went out and pulled a bunch of hits from various genres and eras. "Pearl" for Jopin? Why not "Ball and Chain." Mostly great stuff, though.

    Glenn from

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