I move it here... let's call it reasons

  • I move it here... let's call it reasons

    I would like to ask though, are we trying to reason to a form of truth or are we actual a sort of independent force? What I felt the name of this group was trying to say was, simply a group for people feeling they do not adhere to typical social norms in whatever way it may be like. And what's wrong with that really. To claim we want to change the world sounds like a bit much of a weight on our shoulders, don't you agree? I think those people that truly feel they want to join this group (not for the sake of being alternative) carry a lot of shit as luggage from the past already so let's just make it for what it is? That sounds reasonable to me. Discuss our personal experiences, it never hurts if we can reach a higher understanding of each other.

    This was something I shouted but might maybe better fit into its own topic for discussion rather than having it in the shoutbox.

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