What turned you into Anarchism?

  • *sorry to resurrect this thread after some time*

    I gradually drifted from center to far left politics, starting out liberal/US libertarian which tends to be more right than left and emphatically capitalistic and globalistic, down to state socialism, orthodox Marxism, Trotskyism, Leninism-Marxism, state communism, et cetera (not in that particularly order, though). All of the latter politics never eliciting complete affinity with me, and I never fully embraced and assimilated to the practices of each respected politic, furthermore I was intrinsically indecisive with each.

    I then started to delve into anarchism, as a consequence of reading a lot of Chomsky, Zinn, what have you, the former and latter putting a recurrent emphasis on anarchism, and other far left politics. I picked up some Bakunin, Berkman, Goldman, Guerin, et cetera, resulting in a complete captivation of anarchism, and an affinity never felt before in regards to a philosophy. What really reinforced my liking of anarchism is the tangibility of success, that of which transpired in Catalonia, Aragon, et cetera, wherein anarcho-syndicalist orthodoxy was bestowed, with solidarity and altruism at its historical culmination. Having an exemplary in front of me, confirming that anarchism does work, and not only in theory was the selling point for me. Communism, state socialism and the like all are brilliant in theory but have very low, if any success rates, contrary to anarchism. Moreover, the proclivities of anarchism seemed so logical - that of government and state extirpation, symmetry of wealth, equity, egalitarianism, et cetera.

    I took a deeper look into a variety of anarchisms - anarcho-communism, anarcho-syndicalism, anarcho-capitalism, anarcho-individualism, etc. Anarcho-syndicalism felt like a philosophy that I was born to espouse, my unanimity ultimately swayed to the latter, and I have since made anarcho-syndicalism my own. Although I take a plethora of ideas across the board and incorporate them into my brand of anarcho-syndicalism as not to sound banal and nuanced.

    That is how I fell in love with anarchism!

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    • 29 Apr 2008, 20:17
    Darned, you should be praised for resurrecting the thread, instead of blaming yourself :D
    I never quite got the divisions within anarchism. Well, apart from the anarco-capitalist and the anarco-individualist trend, which I soon dismissed as far too individualistic, egoistic and in fact no real anarchism.
    Diffrence between anarco-communism, anarco-syndicalism and anarcho-collectivism, and whatever else you got don't seem to be to big in my opinion. I consider anarco-communism, the ideal, the other two the roads that will lead us there. Anarco-syndicalism by taking over the capitalist structures and reforming it, anar-collectivism by self-governance and autogestion.
    I'd consider myself anarcho-syndicalist at current, due to my involving in CNT Lille/Hainaut/Flandres, but as soon as the chance shows itself, I'll bring the collectivist part into practice just as much. I don't have any preference, I'll just see where the instinct leads me.

    ALlright, enough for today :D I tend to spam every darned thread we have on this board:D And I can't help but think I've say everything atleast twice

    "We want nothing of a world in which the certainty of not dying from hunger comes in exchange for the risk of dying from boredom. " - May '68
  • My story is rather complex. Looking back to it, I'd say I was born an Anarch.

    Since my coming to consciousness I've never understood the social rules and limits. My dad left my mother when I was 6 and while he practically didn't exist in my life anyway, it forced my mother away from raising me. She had to work ca12-14 hours a day in a post-socialist system to feed two children, while getting practically nothing for support from anybody. As the years went on I saw my sister become a horrible bitch trapped in a system of rules, moral double standards and social alienation. When I went to school myself at the age of 7, I was completely traumatized, alienated and turned deeply sociophobic, even anti-social, in the first 3 years of school. After having to fight everyone(students, teachers etc.) for 3 years for no reason I could understand, I was transfered to a private school and was more or less able to start again. At age 10 I took pleasure in the suffering of others. This misanthropy and deep hatred for the social system was only held at bay by my disabling sociophobia, fear of my own anger and other fears born through the mindless violence. My anger cooled even through at age 12 I still looked with disgust to the symphaty displayed towards the victims of 9/11. With time my sociophobia lessened and only the deep hatred for the social order remained. It is important to note that within this animosity I had no social identity. I didn't receive any pressure or education/mindwashing to accept the status quo. I only did what I had to do(go to school) to have a quiet roof over my head and food. So I started to talk out against the government, school system, law enforcement, social inequality etc. Finally in the 8th or 9th grade my literature teacher told me while we were analyzing The Master and Margarita that I should be interested in the thoughts of Bulgakov. That was the moment I became interested in libertarian ideologies.

    At the same time I led a second life. I first discovered the Internet when I was 4 or 5. I started out just as a gamer trying to find games to play on the net, but soon this brought me to piracy and intellectual games, so I became a stalker on many communities. Actually, during that time my family was like the rest of the post-soviet society unable to afford computer software, so almost everything was(actually a lot still is) counterfeit. I found it perfectly normal and when they started hunting pirates(closed Napster, hunted down a lot of prominent groups etc.) I again started to doubt the whole system. Why should a third world family be denied the right to the same luxury that the first world people have? Soon the mainstream stupidification hit the gaming industry and developers like Troika disappeared. Games like Arcanum, Planescape, Fallout etc. came a thing of the past. Complex and interesting strategy was replaced by rush-oriented simplified RTS. While I turned to the underground, independent gaming scene(Nethack and its variants, ADOM, IVAN, Unreal World, later DF etc.), I was still active on the pirate scene. I shared just to wreak havoc. Here I attained my identity as a cyber-anarchist.

    Together these two identities formed an Anarch. I started reading libertarian and later anarchist pieces on the net. I found out that I was inventing bicycles, often I found exactly the same ideas in the books as I had thought myself prior reading them. First I saw myself as a libertarian, but soon I came a full-blown anarchist. I believe that communities should determent themselves how they regulate their cooperation, as long as they abolish the state, private property, all enforcement etc. Of course I have a distaste(I'm being polite here) for anarcho-capitalism and believe that anarcho-communism is the best form of society. I'm a lacto-vegetarian. If it weren't for cheese and social difficulties I'd be a full vegan, although I don't have anything against eating honey, since I believe it is produced in a harmonious symbiosis between man and insect(at last in natural conditions). I'm a semi-pacifist. I have no reservations about beating and severely injuring state and capital drones that try to subjugate me. Yeah, they might be 95% victims, but if they try to rip my life from my hands they *will* have hell raining down upon them.

    I have never seen myself as one, but lately people have been telling me that I'm a punker. Sure, I listen to anarcho and crust punk, occasionally wear shredded pants, chains and a leather jacket(I didn't buy it myself so meh), time-to-time I talk about the smelly corpse of punk and such, but beyond that I don't really identify myself as punk. Although I have a small cyberpunk thing going on. As I've said, we live in a cyberpunk reality. For me, "1984" describes the future our society has half-way attained.

  • Awesome story, Nerd-Punk-Fu.

    You have reminded me of a reason why I natural swayed to the left - seeing the gross social and economic iniquities in society. Seeing men and women work their lives away and come home with barely enough money to feed their families. Yet an economic-despot, one that dictates and is associated with a company, garners in a superfluity of wealth, when he does not create a single thing.

    Established morality and capitalist created societal precepts have always too been a motif of my antipathy.

    • JakUK said...
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    • 3 May 2008, 12:24
    I consider myself an Anarchist because I think it's my right as an individual to be free.

    I don't like the way were all born into slavery, none of us asked to be born, but as soon as we are were told what we can and can't do but other humans. I don't think anyone should have the right to control another human, to exert their will upon me. I bow before no man or god, and expect none to bow before me.

  • Re:What turned you into Anarchism?

    Kobrin sa:
    I'd love to know what made you a system-hater. Was it a teacher with a subjective view on History, like it was for me? Was it the brutal bashing of Rage Against the Machine? Did you grow up with a library full of Bachunin and Kropotkin, owned by your dad? Or did Anarchism' attraction lie in it's nature, in the universal wish of a creature to be free?

    what turned me into an anarchist was the fact that state have been a great source of oppression and death.how i feelt sceptical to all socialist leaders who claimed to be the voice of the people. ultimatly i believe that the idea of anarchism is the way to make real changes. and finaly punk intruduced me to anarchism, before i was a lefty :)

    p.s i write english like an ass

  • ROFL at JakUK.

    You're full of shit.

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    • 14 Aug 2008, 15:56
    worldeater said:
    ROFL at JakUK.

    You're full of shit.

    Yeh, thanks.

    Now go suck off a dog. :)

  • hello.

    I actually got into Anarchy by word of mouth, theres always been a number of people roaming my city and handing out leaflets about socialism, communism, Anarchism ect ect and i opted for anarchism after awhile.
    before that i was aware of it doing politics in school and never really understood how a "representative" democracy can give everyone a voice...Or the fact that people always talked about "freedom of speech, " but never a responsibility to listen

    Since then i've been a "green anarchist"
    not a primitivist

    The dwarf says:"gender-nuetral pronouns"

    "Id rather tea bag a pot of boiling water"

    Stan: "You like paddle boats?"
    Guy: "Yes, they remind me of a simpler time when white males had ALL of the power and not just most of it."
    Stan: "I know I hate how we just have MOST of it."

  • I think just by thinking...
    I always use philosphy(i don't know the verb) to know what i want.
    And afterwards i always hear that it excist in some way, that is also the reason how i became anarchist but also vegetarian and half budhist

    Jesus was an Anarchist
  • The Boy Scouts, my grandpa and a show called The Adventures of Pete and Pete. I also got into punk in my early teens and later started reading up on Socialism, Anarchism and other leftist ideas but I consider that more like me finally naming a feeling I'd had almost my whole life. Oh and Aldous Huxley, that was the push, even after all the philosophy books. Huxley has great fucking ideas.

    And berggett, I'm interested in how one becomes half buddhist?

    Signature?! I don't need no stinkin' signiature!
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    • 1 Apr 2009, 11:27
    I love to answer this question!

    Why? Because I'm the living proof that anyone can change towards Anarchism. I knew about Anarchism by reading Noam Chomsky, and that was only two or three years ago. I fell in love with this guy's mind, I found him to be extremely brilliant. I was amazed by his logic and freethinking.

    Then I discovered he is an Anarchist. And I felt curious.

    I read and I read and I read and I read about Anarchism. Lots of stuff, Internet and printed stuff. I can't tell exactly what I read because it was a lot of stuff.

    And I just came to the logical conclusion: Anarchism is the only hope of human kind.

    So I became an Anarchist just by thinking! It's possible!

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    • 13 Apr 2009, 05:58
    -Some geezer-
    ..."confirming that anarchism does work, and not only in theory was the selling point for me. Communism, state socialism and the like all are brilliant in theory but have very low, if any success rates, contrary to anarchism."
    Where has anarchism been a success? Spain was a success? It failed like all other revolutions, and they got fucked even worse until that fascist bastard died.


    ..."by taking over the capitalist structures and reforming it" - What makes you think they can be reformed??? They are at the base of everything which is wrong with Capitalism. We cannot use the same structures and institutions! They are death.

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    • 13 Apr 2009, 20:10
    Spanish failed, but not because they failed as anarchists. They were just killed. Unlike Capitalism and Communism, its destruction came from outside.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 13 Apr 2009, 21:40
    Communist is also from the 'outside'? The embargo on Cuba. The restriction of trade with the U.S.S.R by the imperial powers and extensive international pressures. Or Chile, and puppet regimes. In fact most of the time when are things not fucked up from the 'outside'? All alternatives to capitalism are under immense pressure on so many levels from the very start of their existence is it any wonder they always break down or are crushed. What did Che say we need five Vietnams?

    (I forgot to mention, didn't several leading anarchist militants and theorists join a coalition government with the counter-revolutionaries that is, the old power in Spain)?

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