• LAST FESTIVAL: (N)Evermore! (Elsrock Open Air)

    9 Sep 2007, 19:25 by r1Co

    Sat 25 Aug – Elsrock Open Air 2007


    bands on the bill in alphabetical order
    favourites are in bold

    Dream Evil
    Mnemic (Cancelled :/)
    One Bullet Left
    Scar Symmetry

    I thought it was a nice idea to use this year's Elsrock as a kind of cooling down party from Wacken (see my review @ http://www.last.fm/user/r1Co/journal/2007/08/10/496774/). My right hand co-headbanger Zlut eventually agreed on this and Marcel didn't mind joining us, so my quest for 3 tickets began a few days right after Wacken, limbs still sore, neck still hurting and still not much of a voice. After telling the guy behind the counter 6 times which tickets I wanted I finally got them, but he printed 4 instead of 3 (for which I asked) so he had to destroy one, or sell it to someone else (dunno exactly what they do with false prints tbh). On saturday (25th of August) we drove to Rijssen, while Marcel was already there, we had no idea where in Rijssen we needed to be exactly, so on arrival in the town the real search began. We were already pretty late (the festival had already started in the morning, but we didn't really care for the other bands on the bill except for the last 5 minus Mnemic who had cancelled their appearance a few days in advance :( ), so now we actually missed a big part of the first act I wanted to see as well...

    Hatesphere (8/10)
    Hatesphere might just become my most seen live act. These guys play LOTS of live shows and many festivals like having them on the bill I guess, because I encounter them everywhere. This is not a bad thing though because like I've said thousand times before, Hatesphere deliver live in a big way. The dedication and enjoyment is clearly visible on the faces of all band members and Jacob (singer) never stops sharing his amusing stories about Satan or Killing or other subjects of that nature. He also showed his love for Dream Evil a little by wishing us a good time and singing "in the book of heavy metaaaaaaaaaaal". I don't know if they removed it from the setlist or maybe they're opening with it nowadays, but just like at Wacken, I again missed 'The Sickness Within', without a doubt my favourite Hatesphere song and one of which I was sure they would keep it the final encore for a long time to come. But I was wrong, as I didn't hear the song again today, maybe next time, as I'm sure I will be seeing these guys again in the future

    ...because we missed like half of the Hatesphere show we decided to not go straight to the front of that show, because we weren't really there from the beginning anyway, instead we chose to grab a meal and some drinks and have a look around the festival area instead. Those who have been there will probably agree that this doesn't take very long as Elsrock is very very tiny, but also very fun and friendly with a very relaxed atmosphere. They also score points for the ice cream btw! ;) on to the next band!

    Dream Evil (9/10)
    This band playing a tiny festival like Elsrock I think is pretty unique. Eventhough they're officially a band I don't think Dream Evil play a lot of shows. Mostly because almost every band member has very busy "side gigs" (Fredrik Nordstrom for instance is a very high profile metal producer). So I was very surprised to see them at this bill and it made me want to go a lot more. Dream Evil play basically old school heavy metal with some modern touches, but overall, it's mostly rooted in 80's heavy metal. They also have this kind of sense of sarcasm/self-mockery/cliche-ish or whatever you'd like to call it which suits them very well and which makes it a lot easier to stand in front of their show, screaming, fist pumping and headbanging along to songs about dragons and fighting and ofcourse METAAAAAAAAAAAL \m/. Hell yes, each and every band members is spot on and Niklas is one of the better (especially concerning his live singing) frontmen out there, awesome show!

    ...after this show it was time for some of the excellent food again and also take a look around the very tiny MetalMarket they had set up. Nice thing for me here were the cd racks of the Metalzone-Nijverdal-store which brought me Arcturus' La Masquerade Infernale and Agalloch's Pale Folklore for which I both had been looking for for quite a while now, so props to that store! :>

    Scar Symmetry (8/10)
    Scar Symmetry were another band which I have never seen before so this was again a perfect bill for me. The problem with Elsrock though is that there were almost no people in front of the stage, which really took something away from the atmosphere. The biggest plus with this on the other hand is ofcourse that there are no problems getting up close while your favorite band are playing. Still I kind of missed the huge wacken crowds where everyone joins in singing and clapping along to the band who are performing. Scar Symmetry might have noticed this as well, but they didn't really seemed to care as they gave us a very worthy show. Everyone worked really hard on making the performance a really memorable one, too bad the crowd response was very minimal. I was very surprised actually at how good the clean singing came through live. And given the fact that the guy has to growl as well in every song, I couldn't help but be impressed. This band deserves bigger crowds, and hopefully I can attend the show where that happens.

    ...so, a few days before this festival there was the cancellation of Mnemic for which Elsrock could not find a replacement. Mnemic is also a band I never saw live and did want to. So this was kind of a bummer, but the biggest shock came a day before Elsrock when Nevermore were supposed to play another gig in the Netherlands. This show got cancelled that same day because Warrel Dane wasn't able to sing. After this al sorts of rumours got posted and I feared a cancellation for Elsrock, but luckily it didn't happen!

    Nevermore (9.5/10)
    The last time I saw Nevermore was kind of a letdown because nobody at the Disturbed show (see one of my previous journals) seemed to know who they were, resulting in almost zero crowd response. So when this festival got announced with Nevermore as headliner I was very pleased. Finally I could be headbanging along to one of my favourite bands while other people around me also joined in! And what a great show it was. It still wasn't very crowded, but at least there were like 8 rows of people now who were actually clapping and cheering, while some others STILL remained on the back of the terrain, enjoying beers and nothing else (I guess there were lots of local people who were just curious or hungry for beer, they were quite recognisable with their "normal T shirts", identifiable by the use of bright colours, or just colours). Whatever, All I can say is, those people missed out, because all of their problems aside, Nevermore delivered one hell of a show. After some searching for a decent sound in the beginning they found a perfect mix and we got treated to an excellent setlist, including rarely played tracks like 'Deconstruction'! This was the biggest highlight for me personally but saying that doesn't do justice to the rest of the set, which featured mostly works from the last 3 albums, like 'The River Dragon Has Come', 'Born', 'I Voyager', 'The Heart Collector', 'Final Product', 'Inside Four Walls' and many more. And while the epic 'This Godless Endeavor' closed the official set we were anxiously waiting for an encore, preferably 10 encores but hey.. Luckily we got at least one. Dane started a speech: "open wide and lick the wounds of the enemy... we are.. 'The Enemies of Reality'". A worthy closer of an awesome setlist and a great festival. More people need to realize this, so next year (with hopefully an even stronger bill) we can attend again!

    Horns and Hails to Zlut and Marcel!

    UP NEXT: definetly means tickets are ordered/in
    (definetly) 29/09/2007 - Kamelot (w/ Adagio, Serenity) @ Podium Hardenberg, Hardenberg, NL
    (definetly) 10/10/2007 - Eastpak Antidote Tour (Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity, Caliban, Sonic Syndicate) @ Tivoli, Utrecht, NL
    (likely) 13/10/2007 - Norther (w/ Amoral, Drone & more?) @ Romein, Leeuwarden, NL
    (definetly) 03/11/2007 - Ultima-Ratio (Moonsorrow, SuidAkrA, Korpiklaani, Eluveitie, Equilibrium & more) @ Turbinhalle, Oberhausen, GER
    (likely) 23/11/2007 - Amorphis (w/ Swallow the Sun, Insomnium) @ Tivoli de Helling, Utrecht, NL
    (definetly) 30/11/2007 - The Black Crusade (w/ Machine Head, Trivium, DragonForce, Arch Enemy, Shadows Fall) @ Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, NL
    (definetly) 01/12/2007 - Rodrigo y Gabriela @ Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL
    (likely) 05/12/2007 - Porcupine Tree (w/ Anathema) @ Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, NL
    (most likely) 07/12/2007 - SuidAkrA @ Hedon, Zwolle, NL
    (maybe) 09/12/2007 - Apocalyptica @ Oosterpoort, Groningen, NL
    (likely) 15/12/2007 - Riverside @ Plato, Helmond
    (likely) 17/12/2007 - Therion @ Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL
    (definetly) 30/07-02/08/2008 - Wacken Open Air (w/ Iron Maiden, Kreator, Lordi & many more tbc) @ Wacken, GER
  • Jordan Rudess - The Road Home

    8 Sep 2007, 15:28 by Dreamer680

    Here is my review of the new Jordan Rudess' album, The Road Home which contains some good cover of bands from the 70's like, genesis, yes, elp who influenced Jordan.

    I think it is a good album, not a masterpiece but a good album. 7 out of 10. Rudess has incorported his unique style to the old material of the 7O's. It is a good opportunity to discover or rediscover the prog 70's. Dance On a volcano with neal morse is very intense, and Rudess' version of Tarkus (ELP cover) is awesome. It would be a nice thing to can hear a little more of Steven Wilson because he brought something special on Tarkus.
    Piece of Pie is a song from the systematic chaos session . Jordan said, everybody has composed something for a track in SC but, at the end, they did not used this material, that is why he uses Piece of The Pie on this album. It is not the best song ever wrote by jordan but it is not a bad one, with a solo with piano-saloon sound.

    If you like what rudess used to do in his solo carreer, I think you will like this one too. But if you are not fond of the virtuosos, instrumental prog stuff you will not like it.

    Ici vous trouverez ma chronique du dernier album de Jordan Rudess - The Road Home qui doit sortir le 12 Septembre. Il s'agit avant tout de reprises de groupes prog rock des années 70 comme Genesis, Yes ou encore ELP. Les chansons sélectionnées ont joué un rôle particulier dans la carrière de Jordan Rudess, et ont contribué à le voir se tourner vers le Prog. On retrouve également quelques guest comme Neal Morse, Steven Wilson ou encore Nick D'Virgilio sur ce nouvel album.
  • Wedding Themed Shuffle Quiz

    8 Sep 2007, 14:20 by CowsCanFly

    Lets see..

    What song will be played upon our (the couple's) entering the church?
    Title: The Decade Of Statues
    Artist: Between the Buried and Me
    Comments: Holy Fucking Shit

    What song will be played to kick off the evening party?
    Title: Relax (Frankie Goes to Hollywood)
    Artist: Richard Cheese
    Comments: My Media Playey is totally fucked up

    What will my wife's personality be like?
    Title: Love Street
    Artist: The Doors
    Comments: Thats more like it :p

    Will cheating become an issue?
    Title: Lonelies
    Artist: Ivanhoe
    Comments: Oh no, Alone + Lies = Not good

    What will me and my spouse do on our honeymoon?
    Title: Sickening Metamorphosis
    Artist: Cannibal Corpse
    Comments: Thats not really good..

    Will the marriage last, or will there be some sort of divorce?
    Title: Girlfriends
    Artist: Milan Polak
    Comments: I'm merrying a lesbian... Oh yeah!

    What sort of wedding will it be?
    Title: Szondi Két Apródja (II.rész)
    Artist: Dalriada
    Comments: ook?

    What will my in-laws be like?
    Title: Street Fighting Man
    Artist: Rage Against the Machine
    Comments: Cool

    Where will the wedding take place?
    Title: X
    Artist: Subterranean Masquerade
    Comments: Really halpfull information

    What will be the scariest thing about it?
    Title: Countdown To Insanity
    Artist: Primal Fear
    Comments: :(

    What will be the best thing about it?
    Title: Internal Fire
    Artist: Dissection
    Comments: :,(

    Will my parents like my spouse?
    Title: Master and Slave
    Artist: Kiss
    Comments: :,,,(

    What should I wear?
    Title: Sandblasted Skin
    Artist: Pantera
    Comments: ooOH YEAH!! \m/ *Headbang* \m/

    Any other bits of helpful advice for my wedding?
    Title: People = Shit
    Artist: Slipknot
    Comments: Oh... Thanks

    After doing this quiz I think that I shouldn't get married...
    *sobing in the corner*

    Great song!
  • Oceansize

    3 Sep 2007, 15:00 by imzyklothym

    Oceansize are very special to me!
    As I mentioned in the last journal this is the band that led me to Prog.
    The fantastic album Effloresce made me start to discover more progressive rock. I’m so thankful for this. Maybe I never new the bands I like now if I hadn’t listened to Oceansize.
    In my view Catalyst is the most awesome track on the LP.
    I love the long instrumental intro and when Mike Vennart starts to sing softly:
    I woke with a start today, determinations
    Filled with expectation
    owed to go out

    ...my heart melts …
    I love him screaming in the middle part. And then the long instrumental outro…
    The lyrics are not long but in exchange all the more expressive!
    I'm at a loss for words.
    Impossible to describe how much I like this song!
    The music video was on youtube once but now it’s not there anymore. So sad! It’s brilliant, just as the song!

    I’m looking forward to Frames, their new album. It will be released on September the 28th in Germany. I ordered it in advance yesterday to get in as soon as possible!
    I had a listen to it.
    It’s … well you should listen yourself…
    I myself can’t wait to hold it in my hands…cause Oceansize succeeded in impressing me another time!
  • Underrated bands you seriously, seriously need to give a chance - Part I

    2 Sep 2007, 16:34 by kidofthecentury

    I'm a little upset about people @ Last.fm, they only listen to things someone else listens and that way many bands have been ignored for too long. Some of those bands are just not popular, others are criminally underrated and most of them you just don't have mp3s to listen to.
    Well, this time I've thought about everything so take your seat, take a look at this journal entry and prepare yourself to discover music you never thought about.

    First of all, I'll look at my own charts and start recommending one of my favourite bands ever: Enchant. They play some kind of with a little (verry little to be honest) and the result is just OMFG. Ted Leonard is one of the most awesome singers I've ever heard and it can be proved with their superb Live At Last record and that one is an excellent beginning with this band. I also recommend picking Blink Of An Eye first if you can't find Live At Last, or my favourite by them: Juggling 9 Or Dropping 10.

    Next in my list is Rishloo. They play what I'd call " " (yeah, WTF) that can remind you of Tool and A Perfect Circle. Their debut album, Terras Fames is very influenciated by the mentioned bands, but in their sophomore release, Eidolon, they reached their own identity and now are amazing. And yes, I know they look like emo kids, but you should give them a chance anyway, you won't regret about it ;)

    There's a band I discovered a couple of months ago just because they are uknown! Yeah, at least for me they weren't easy to get and when I finally did I fell in love. This band is Jadis, a british group of musicians I found because of Frost*. They sound similar to Marillion, Arena and all those neo prog bands, but there's something about them I couldn't explain that makes me love them so much... I guess it's the nice melodies' fault. Try More Than Meets the Eye or Fanatic first and don't expect anything heavy here :P

    Some time ago I was obsessed about a - power trio named Firebird. They sound like the best of the '70s but guess what... they're not an old band but the last efford of the ex-Carcass, ex-Napalm Death guitarist Bill Steer. Come on, I could never imagined Bill was able to do something like this... I mean, he's a son of a bitch motherfucking genius!!!! They've released four albums, being Bill the only band member in of them (yeah, it's *his* band) and I'd recommend Hot Wings.

    In the vein of comes Cast, a Mexican band very, very prolific, having released albums twice or even three times a year! Well, they sound like nothing I've heard before and that's excellent but yet difficult for me to explain why you should try them. Let's put things this way: take Marillion or Pendragon, give them latin roots and add then traverse flute, saxophone and you'll get Cast. Yeah, absolutely amazing.
    Try Al-Bandaluz first, trust me ;)

    Well, this is enough for now, if you wonder where you can get those cuties, take a look at my profile :P
  • Player quiz.

    29 Aug 2007, 09:29 by CowsCanFly

    Player used: Windows Media Player

    Total number of tracks: 28,475

    Sort by song title:
    -First Song: American Tragedy - -
    -Last Songs:
    מופע הארנבות של דוקטור קספר - תראו אותי [In Hebrew]
    Невидь - Ярым Оком [In Russion]
    Stone Sour - Zzyzx Rd. [In English]

    Sort by time:
    -Shortest Song: Nine Inch Nails - Let's Hear It For Nine Inch Nails [00:04]
    -Longest Song: Dream Theater - International Fan Club Christmas CD 1998 [01:00:24]

    Top 10 Most Played Songs:

    1. Blind Guardian - Fly [29]
    2. Megadeth - Washington Is Next! [11]
    3. Megadeth - Sleepwalker [9]
    4. Megadeth - Gears Of War [In English]
    5. Megadeth - Never Walk Alone...A Call To Arms [7]
    6. Megadeth - Pray for Blood [7]
    7. Megadeth - A Tout le Monde (Set Me Free) [7]
    8. Megadeth - You're Dead [7]
    9. Pantera - Becoming [6]
    10. Lamb of God - Redneck [6]

    First five songs that comes up on Shuffle:
    Brutal Truth - Callous
    Grip Inc. - Empress (of Rancor)
    Procol Harum - In The Wee Small Hours Of Sixpence
    Todd Duane - Schizoi
    The Kennedy Soundtrack - Dark Dayz

    "sex", how many songs come up?: 78 (Yeah!)
    "love", how many songs come up?: 753 (:/)
    "you", how many songs come up?: 9,569 (fuck...)
    "death", how many songs come up?: 11,033 (Holy Shit!!)
    "hate", how many songs come up?: 244
    "wish" how many songs come up?: 117
  • New Free EP release on the Lost Children Net Label

    26 Aug 2007, 13:30 by LossofaChild

    You can now download the debut EP from Sidearm 'Don't Cry Help Until You're Dead' for free from here. Fans of Secondsmile, Youthmovies and At the Drive-In will definitely find something to like in this post-rock and post-hardcore influenced indie rock EP.

    “Don’t cry help until you’re dead” - words said by the pond on a beautiful summers evening; words that would christen our debut EP. These 5 songs come from two separate recording sessions in 2003/2004. These sessions were some of the best fun we’ve had in our lives. The best times however are when we have the opportunity to play these songs to appreciative folk at various small and intimate venues across the UK.

    Someone said this about us once:

    “Melodic jump-drop indie crash-out”

    We like that description. But have a listen and make up your own mind. Because that’s what we do it for.

    Much love

    Again, please forward this on if you enjoy the music!


    Lost Children

    Complete list of releases :

    Double Handsome Dragons
    Half of Sidearm, a couple of others and a sprinkling of moondust. Or Alternative-Electronica-tinged, Instrumental Rock which jumps and blasts about with subtlety. Take your pick.
    ....Double Handsome Dragons 1 - EP

    French Teen Idol
    Melancholic piano patterns, dreamy atmospheres, vocal samples and striking instrumental crescendos dominate this stunning second full length release
    ....Enlightened False Consciousness - Full Length

    Johnny Poindexter
    A post rock dream run through a shoegazers nightmare. It's atmospheric and haunting, yet textured and tuneful.
    ....Place Your Trust In Empty Spaces - Full Length

    Loss of a Child
    A classically-influenced instrumental rock noise that has unforeseen importance in the modern world of music.
    ....The Future Symphony - Full Length
    ....Caught and Lost - Full Length
    ....Adam and Eve - Full Length
    ....Full Albums

    noise room
    Italian Instrumental Post-Metal band with subtle ambience and great use of varied instruments around the guitar base.
    ....The End of the Lord's Constellation - EP

    Melodic instrumental post-rock, ranging from quiet ambience to distorted climaxes.
    ....Sleeping in Airports - Full Length

    Part Rocket
    Leftfield instrumental music, weaving from quiet and rhythmic, to full on intense and distorted mayhem.
    ....Kneel Before the Throne and Drink the Blood of your Own - EP

    Scissor Lock
    Ambient Electronica mixed with chilled out Post-Rock
    ....Above and Below - Double EP

    Melodic jump-drop indie crash-out with complexities and the odd influence from the post- genres
    ....Don't Cry Help Until You're Dead - EP

    The Silent Ballet : Compilation
    Various compilation featuring Caspian, Yndi Halda, UpCDownC, Mt. and more.
    ....Volume 1 - Full Length
    Various compilation featuring God Is An Astronaut, Magyar Posse, From The Sky, Gifts from Enola and more.
    ....Volume 2 - Full Length
    Various compilation featuring The American Dollar, Sumner McKane, Romance of Young Tigers, Worriedaboutsatan and more.
    ....Volume 3 - Full Length
    Various compilation featuring pg.lost, Beware of Safety, Scraps of Tape, Signal Hill, Giants and more.
    ....Volume 4 - Full Length
    Various compilation featuring This Is A Process Of Still Life, El Ten Eleven, Souvenir’s Young America, Red Light Chamber Choir and more.
    ....Volume 5 - Full Length

    Relaxed ambient experimental sounds.
    ....Anthology : 2005 - 2006 - Double Full Length

    Driving instrumental epic post-rock with a Southern Hemispherian twinge
    ....sleepmakeswaves - Demo EP

    Instrumental noisy post-rock band from France.
    ....ERS-1 - EP
    ....ERS-2 - EP

    Stray Borders
    Post-Rock influenced Alternative Rock from Wales via Chicago (though not literally - bonus points for people who get the references....).
    ....Deletive Expleted - EP

    Predominantly Instrumental, Shoegazing, Ambient, Space Rock. Which makes as much sense as they do but thankfully the music is a lot more co-ordinated!
    ....Early Transmissions - Full Length

    Guitar lead instrumental rock influenced by a passion for nature, emotions and all kinds of music.
    ....Harmattan - Demo EP
    ....Broadleaves vs Conifers - EP
  • Sifu Stepen Doe Interview by Pharmer4 on Heavy Metal Nation

    26 Aug 2007, 11:47 by pharmer4

    Pharmer4 has submitted an interview with Sifu Stephen Doe

    check it out at Heavy Metal Nation in the Interviews Section
  • videos - part 2

    22 Aug 2007, 19:32 by thesilentype

  • Review: Alchemist "Tripsis" CD launch @ Sydney 17/08/07

    20 Aug 2007, 08:39 by storm84

    Fri 17 Aug – Alchemist, Daysend, Five Star Prison Cell, The Veil
    Its not often I travel to Sydney to see a local act, but I happened to be in the city at the time, and going was my way of not feeling guilty for missing Alchemist's Canberra gig 2 weeks earlier.

    It took me a long time to discover Alchemist, and once again after hearing them, I'm kicking myself for not having got into them earlier. I saw Daysend at Come Together, and was looking forward to seeing them again. For $15, it was always going to be a good value show.

    Got to the gig as Five Star Prison Cell, must say from the limited amount I heard of them, they aren't my style. Will check them out more thoroughly if I get a chance in the future. From what was described to me, I feel bad about missing The Veil and will definitely check them out in the future.

    Daysend were on form and performed a blistering (but brief) set. It was a very similar set to what they performed at Come Together, and it really had the crowd going. Its great to see an Australian Melodic Death Metal band, especially with a vocalist who can do more than just death growl. They were energetic, enthusiastic and technically proficient, and it was unfortunate they were cut off early due to how late the gig was running.

    What can I say about Alchemist? I've always praised Shihad for their live sound, but this band was hands down the best live sound I've ever heard an Australian band produce. The set was a good mix of new tracks off their forthcoming album "Tripsis", and the highlights from their back catalogue. Chinese Whispers in particular blew me away. I can't help but think that this band would be a lot more well renowned if they had originated in Europe or the US.

    They finished with their cover of Eve Of War, and even though there was no encore due to time constraints, the 75 minutes they were on was plenty to keep the fans happy. I've finally found a local act who I will see every possible chance I get.

    And with this being an album launch, I have to make mention of Tripsis. I was lucky enough to pick up one of the 15 copies available for sale (so I was told), and after a few listens, this is one of my favourite albums of the year. Its a lot more heavy and focused than their previous few releases, and although it doesn't have the same level of "psychadelia" their last few efforts have contained, its a very streamline and heavy release well worth the purchase. If you are an Aussie Metal fan, support the local scene. If you aren't Australian, track this down, it stands up with the major metal releases of the year (and surpasses almost all in my honest opinion).

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