Can you recommend me some great metal?

  • Can you recommend me some great metal?

    Hi! have any great metal that have the x-factor to recommend? my favorit bands are Gojira,lamb of god,textures,opeth, mastodon!
    please only bands from the last 10 years!
    Look at my favorit bands to get an idea of what kind of music i`m looking for!

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    • Xorgh said...
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    • 9 Dec 2007, 15:19
    Guess Memfis, Nahemah, Dark Suns and Dan Swanö' cd Moontower should work

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  • maybe Death, Edge of Sanity, Vintersorg, Bloodbath

  • Go and listen to The Ocean Collective's albums, especially Precambrian. If you like it a little bit more brutal, get their previous Album Aeolian. Becoming The Archetype is also a good option ;)

  • thanx i will check evrything out!
    Keep em coming:)

    Walk with me in hell
  • Try out Communic and Green Carnation. They are awesome!!!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 22 Dec 2007, 13:54
    From the bands you've been listening to I'd be surprised if you didn't enjoy Nevermore (for the thrashy influence), Devin Townsend (since you got Strapping Young Lad listed) or Deadsoul Tribe (since you've listed Tool, and just because they're damn great). I realise none of these are exactly unknown artists, so you may well know them already.

    I'd second the recommendation for Green Carnation, especially since you're already into Opeth.

    Oh, and since everyone else seems to like 'em, metal or not, Porcupine Tree. The last two albums, Deadwing and Fear of a Blank Planet, are probably most likely to be of interest to a metaller.

    • RoEm14 said...
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    • 25 Dec 2007, 12:32
    I don't how much it helps.. and I don't think it's exactly your taste
    but try Circus Maximus.
    their style is something alike to Dream Theater's music..
    and that means - Pure Progressive Metal.
    but as I said.. pretty sure you are more about "heavier" stuff...(death/technical...etc.)

    Nice Name BTW (mine is the hebrew version =])

  • Ion Dissonance,Car Bomb, Beneath The Massacre, Egoist, The Ocean, Between the Buried And Me, Yakuza.

  • You should try out Meshuggah. They have a similar sound to Gojira, in that they can be considered progressive thrash metal. Plus the vocals and guitar seem to have the same tone, if you get what I mean

  • Rotting Christ
    Novembers Doom

    also Scar Symmetry, Obsidian, Daylight Dies, though I saw them already in your list with 1 listened time, but you should listen to them more

  • Meshuggah indeed, as someone here mantioned :p

    Green Carnation are great but I'm not sure if they're too similar to Opeth

  • Meshuggah, definitively. Also try Children of Bodom, Symphony X and In Flames. And I'm thinking that you would like to give a listen to these 2 albums: 'Jugulator' (Judas Priest) and also 'Resurrection' (Halford). Enjoy!

  • I remmeber one : Morgoth

    Sadly they finish along time ago...

  • Pyramaze, Static-X, Dream Theater, Finntroll.

    • kostyq said...
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    • 12 Jan 2008, 12:17
    Ephel Duath,
    and classics: Cynic, Atheist, Sadist

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 15 Jan 2008, 16:23
    as long as the most of ppl in here mentioned the bands that have nothing in common with the bands in the first post - then I'll advise Rocke_Roy to look through my Top 100 =))

    if serious - then CLICK and use for preview

  • Strays

  • Deadsoul tribe. Especially ''Why?'' song. ^^

    Led Zeppelin?
  • If you like more experimental stuff then try out diablo swing orchestra, Therion, Haggard

    • lazdi said...
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    • 21 Jul 2012, 22:51
    Try :
    Skyharbor: A great band from India
    Circus Maximus : New album NINE is a great album.
    Teodor Tuff: Sounds a bit weird, like ELO mixed with Yes and Marilion

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