• [Deleted user] said...
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    • 15 Jul 2006, 18:47
    largactyl said:
    1. Assembly
    2. Assembly

    So you are a masochist? :P *runs away*

    • TinyGuy said...
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    • 16 Jul 2006, 13:04
    1) PHP. I'm trying to learn C++ better though.

    2) The one I already knew. If you know one script language and one "real" language, what more do you need :D

    • Draconx said...
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    • 17 Jul 2006, 23:02
    1. Assembly, C, or Perl, with emacs, on Linux.
    2. I like learning new languages if I think it would be useful. Some languages are just better suited for some tasks than others.

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  • 1. Web > PHP (just getting into Rails, I may switch). I use UltraEdit for my dev environment.
    Apps > Borland Delphi

    2. I would take the new language. No use using something your familiar with when you'll only regret being "non standard" later on. The more you can learn, the better.

    • zgoda said...
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    • 18 Jul 2006, 14:04
    1. Python. I feel most comfortably with this language, but I can program in nearly any other (to date tried more than 50).

    2. At work I'll use what I know best, as I usually don't have enough time to learn new language/framework/approach. My "spare time work" is another story.

    During all these years in professional software development I learned, that choice of language is of secondary value, the most important thing is to be able to cleanly express the algorithm. Some languages allow writing clean and readable code without special effort, while other require some work and this is most valuable in Python for me. I cann't recall who's the author of the phrase "programs should be written for people to read and only occasionally for computers to execute", but I think it's true.

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    • tpgames said...
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    • 20 Jul 2006, 01:43
    1) I am using HTML, CSS, and Java Script currently as I have my own website.
    2) I want to learn Java, PHP and then C#, and C++. So...would have to learn in order to do the project more than likely.
    (I plan on learning Java in January of '07).

    TPGames -
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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 20 Jul 2006, 09:29
    1. I prefer C/C++/C# I just like the third letter of the alphabet ;-) Oh... and don't forget the syntax... and the power... and the pointers (I love pointers)

    2. When I have enough time I'd learn the new language, otherwise I'd wrap something on a language I know (mostly C-like), but at the moment I know from lisp, through basic (any) all the way to C (any). There hasn't been a language to this point that I don't 'get', because it's all more of the same (except lisp, try it)

  • 1. Java with IntelliJ, Smalltalk (VisualAge!)

    2. Yeah, Scheme and/or Lisp in general. Failing that, I find Ruby mildly interesting

    • cursief said...
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    • 22 Jul 2006, 19:33
    1) PHP + Zend Studio.. just love what Zend Studio does with well documented code!!!

    2) If time, i would get familiar with a new language (for me that is), C# or Java then again it should fit the project! I didn't find anything remotely like PHP, well I'm a real fan of php.net there's just no better online manual then that! Oh and Zend Studio (but when will they include FTP support in the standard version, oh well that's why we have netdrive).... So guess I'll stick with PHP for now.....DOH!

  • 1. I prefer C / C++ in Dev-C++. Visual Studio is nice, but it refuses to recognise it when I use #include <windows.h>. It's a shame, it's a really nice piece of software.

    I know Java too, but never used it outside school projects. o_O

    2. I think I would learn the new language. Standards are good, right?

    That being said, I want to learn PHP and Lua (for World of Warcraft AddOns xD).

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  • 1. ANSI C, sh, perl, pike, …, dc, brainfuck ;)
    / any posix, vim or mcedit
    2. Learn new one if it really suits better the task

    • eamon said...
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    • 23 Jul 2006, 21:49
    1. I like working on linux (what? there are other *nixes?), but prefer Visual Studio 2005. Since that's kind of impossible, I choose VS.Net. It's an absolutely fantastic developement environment - mostly because of the great cross-language debugger. PHP is pretty much my worst nightmare (I'm mostly an API developer, and refactoring, explicit interface guarantees, real conventions, solid abstractions and the like are very nice to have). I'm pretty hyped up about LINQ, but currently happy with C# 2.0. XSLT is great too, and there too XSLT 2.0 is looking very juicy. Python and Ruby look nice, as do many other languages that aren't PHP ;-).

    2. I think this is an odd question, because I usually can't decide which language to use. It's kind of dictated by the circumstances often :-). But new languages are definitely fun!

  • 1. Microsoft stuff.. VBScript for Windows Admin, ASP/ASP.NET for web. And T-SQL for both.

    2. I like picking up new stuff (looking into Powershell currently) but if I've gotta get something done quick, I go for what I currently know.

    • pelzlpj said...
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    • 24 Jul 2006, 14:45
    1. OCaml on Linux with Vim.

    2. I won't necessarily work in a new language just because it's a standard--computing history is riddled with uninspired languages that rose to undue popularity for this reason, and I'm not really inclined to go along with the trend.

    I'm happy to learn a new language if I can see that it offers some compelling features.

  • i love C# (.NET plataform)
    i like PHP and Python (Freelancer)


    something JAVA ;)

  • 1. I love applescript and actionscript (are they languages)

    2. I would rather learn a suitable new. Trying to steer projects towards Ajax/Ruby so i can learn it.
    I also want to play with Xcode more.

    time defeats us all!!!

    • synclop said...
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    • 26 Jul 2006, 10:23
    1. At work just C#. I'm getting into Ruby/Rails at the moment, the more i learn, the more i get hyped :)

    2. I'd stay with C# probably. Another language only if there is time and it might fit well for the project.

    • LordXas said...
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    • 27 Jul 2006, 23:19
    1.C# rocks...(.NET platform)
    2.id choose one i already know..

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 29 Jul 2006, 19:42
    I do PHP, but would be willing to learn anything if I weren't so lazy

  • I only know Java at this point (well and HTML, CSS but those don't count as programming languages I suppose) so I don't have much of a choice but to pick Java as my favorite :P
    I'd like to learn PHP and C++, because they're more powerful (each in its own domain)
    First i'd like to really get the hang of Java, OOP and other such fundamental concepts. I heard from other programmers that it's generally not that hard to learn a new programming once you already know one (especially when going from java to php/c++) Hope they're right :P

    Let's see. A quote for my signature...

    - Homer J. Simpson
    • bontaq said...
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    • 31 Jul 2006, 16:48
    1.Well, I like ObjC alot on my mac. Very easy to make a pretty interface too ;)

    2. I would enjoy the learning Lisp, I have viewed its properties before and it seems like a fun language.

    • elvez said...
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    • 3 Aug 2006, 00:43
    1. I prefer writing standard C++ on VC++. Vim if I'm on linux, but I definetively hate all the *nix building environments (automake & autoconf in particular).
    Python for prototyping.
    Java only for school projects, like Schlagwerk said :-P

    2. I will do what will require less time and effort, but if I think a new language may be interesting to learn, I'll probably go for it.

  • 1. C#

    2. Prefer the same language, why bother if it's runs on the same .NET framework ;)

  • 1. depends on the Task: C/C++ for speed and text only, Java for platform independency or if i dont want to think too much, perl for scripting stuff and jeah C# when i have to deal with windows.
    The environment may be any linux box but i prefer KDevelop or any editor as long as it has syntax highlighting.

    2. Learning a new language is fun ... so many new or other ways to do things ;-) - my next candidates are the scripting languages rubby and python and maybe i will take a look at php when i find the time

    • manax said...
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    • 7 Aug 2006, 17:48
    1. I really enjoy using Perl, and I'd like to move to Ruby, but don't quiet have enough experience with it yet... Definitely prefer a Linux environment (thank MKS for their windows toolkit!).

    2. I enjoy learning new stuff, toolkits, languages, environments, but I wouldn't force that learning on a customer, unless there were big savings to be had (such as using Axis2 for a webservice, rather than trying to roll my own). Otherwise, I'm more likely to learn it outside of work, and then bring that to my job. (For instance, I've been rewriting hunks of a web admin tool using Ruby on Rails, on my own time, to just "try out the language".)...

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