Foreign Language Worship: Help Needed

  • Foreign Language Worship: Help Needed

    Sometimes I think that other people think that God only understands English.....
    I am looking for worship/praise/gospel in other languages, from Farsi to Japanese, from Portugese to Dannish, from Dutch to Indonesian.

    Some of it I have already, luckely to have found it on itunes, but there it is often not easy to find, unless you already know the artist.
    So, any help with websites from other countries than the USA, artists that might be available on itunes, music shared free in 4shared or on artist profiles, anything is welcome.

    The Netherlands

  • Worship God in other language

    Dear brother,
    I really appreciate your comments about worship in other language. Our God don't have any difficulty to understand watever the tongue. All the earth is invited to praise and worship the Almighty Did you ever listen to an worship song in Haitian Creole? There is a tittle on my personnal page there. Please give a listen and try to say "Merci Seigneur" meaning "Thank you Lord". Nice to read you. See you soon.

    Franck from France

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