The Best Power Metal Albums of 2009

    • mehrtal said...
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    • 9 Jan 2010, 12:46

    The Best Power Metal Albums of 2009

    many believe that 2009 was a great year for metal music, so lets share our favorite Power Metal albums of 2009. please feel free to comee back and edit. Metal On

    My favorite Power Metal Albums are:

    HammerFall (No Sacrifice, No Victory)
    Lion's Share (Darkest Hours)
    Celesty (Vendetta)
    Redemption (Snowfall On Judgement Day)
    Primal Fear (16:6)

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  • I can't actually say there was any good pure power metal albums in 2009 by what I have heard, but there were great releases for other genres. I heard the new Savage Circus album Of Doom and Death but that was only ok.

    • xav91 said...
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    • 9 Jan 2010, 13:45
    For 2009, my favorite album PM are :

    PRIMAL FEAR : 16.6
    GRAVE DIGGER : Ballads Of A Hangman
    AXXIS : Utopia

  • So hard... but

    HammerFall - No Sacrifice, No Victory
    Stratovarius - Polaris
    Cain's Offering - Gather the Faithful
    Sonata Arctica - The Days of the Grays

    • rym44 said...
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    • 9 Jan 2010, 15:12
    Hammerfall - No sacrifice, No victory
    Axxis - Utopia
    Primal fear - 16.6

    • wikuk said...
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    • 9 Jan 2010, 15:13
    Grave Digger's release was the only kind of good true power metal release this year. sob.

    My name is equal to that of destruction
    • mehrtal said...
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    • 9 Jan 2010, 19:07
    yup, I forgot Primal Fear , that was a great album. Mehrtal

    • Merriya said...
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    • 11 Jan 2010, 08:41
    Here are mine :)

    Anubis Gate - The Detached
    Bloodbound Tabula - Rasa
    Illusion Suite - Final Hour
    Memorial roots - Brainstorm
    Leverage - Circus Colossus

  • Any good? %%
    Hey guys it's very sad that you miss at least 2 great albums - "9 degrees west of the moon" by Vision Divine & "Black sails at midnight'' by Alestorm.
    Huh yeah, "the days of grays" is NOT power metal 'cause it sounds like shit and Toni may go to hell with his weird "progressive"

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