Favourite song?

  • Favourite song?

    -Love Your Way
    -Pick You Up
    -These Days
    -Like A DOg
    -How Far Have we Really Come
    -Up and Down and Back Again
    -Aready Gone
    -My Happiness
    -We Should Be Together
    -Roll Right by You
    -The Day You COme
    -Rockin Rocks

  • Sunsets
    The Metre
    Not My Kind Of Scene
    Lemon Sunrise
    My Happiness
    Roll Right By You

  • Pockets

  • Love Your Way
    Waiting for the Sun
    These Days

    • MarkDee said...
    • User
    • 12 Feb 2006, 02:49
    my favourite... gota be my kinda scene -- brings back memories (especially ashely from the hotel)

    The World According To Noff: " I is a timer and I is well skilled up, Crazy Foo' cos I is the Ripper"
    • piraya said...
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    • 17 Feb 2006, 11:34
    My happiness...!
    Don't panic
    On my mind
    How far have we really come
    Love your way

    • MarkDee said...
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    • 18 Feb 2006, 01:03
    i agree pirya

    The World According To Noff: " I is a timer and I is well skilled up, Crazy Foo' cos I is the Ripper"
  • These Days

    This song came out shortly after the breakup of my first marriage.
    The lyrics, especially;
    This life well it’s slipping right through my hands
    These days turned out nothing like I had planned

    really struck home and described exactly how I was feeling at the time.
    So it's kinda odd that a song that reminds me of those tough times is my favourite Powderfinger song.

  • These Days reminds me of bad times too and that is exactly the reason why I didn't put it in my fav. songs list (even though I should have).

    • kyabean said...
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    • 29 Mar 2006, 11:26
    They have so many amazing songs, it's hard to pick. *twidles thumbs* A Song called everything is good, but so is everything!

    • auhsor said...
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    • 30 Mar 2006, 12:02
    The Day You Come is my favourite amongst a large group of favourites.

  • Arr.

    My favourites are probably Reap What You Sow, Take Me In, Odyssey #1, Oipic, Day You Come, Good Day Ray and argh... hard.

  • in no particular order...

    Private Man
    Pick You Up
    Living Type
    Odyssey #5 (I haven't heard any other odysseys)
    Rockin' Rocks (ah, so many happy memories of that song)
    A Song Called Eveything
    Celebrity Head

    and there's more, but I can't be bothered writing them down.

  • Already Gone
    Up and Down and Back Again
    Living Type

  • In no particular order:
    Don't Wanna Be Left Out
    These Days
    The Day You Come
    Ballad Of A Dead Man
    Trading Places
    Celebrity Head
    Rockin' Rocks

    I've yet to hear the first two albums. It's on my list of things to do soon though. I'm only a relatively new fan of the band, took a long time to win me over. I prefer Internationalist over anything after it though.

  • Already Gone and The Metre, although that changes from time to time.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 27 Oct 2007, 04:38
    i'd have to say

    My Happiness
    My Kind Of Scene
    These Days(Two hands version)
    Nobody Sees
    Bless My Soul

    and don't laugh.......
    Don't Wanna Be Left Out
    its just a song to rock out to!!!

  • If I'm only going to pick one I guess it would have to be:

    My Happiness

    "Sorry is the fool who trades his soul for a corvette;
    Thinks he'll get the girl, he'll only get the mechanic" -eV
  • Thrilloilgy,
    Ballad of a Dead Man,
    Morning Sun,
    The Metre,
    Up & Down & Back Again

    Ultimate favs. <3

  • just a few:

    private man
    good day ray
    return of the electric horseman
    lemon sunrise
    up and down and back again

    to be honest, i love all of their songs. not one that i dont like

    best band ever

  • Tough to pick a single favourite Powderfinger song... if pressed I'd probably have to go with 'Passenger'

    If I was to make a cd that I'd reckon would get somebody into Powderfinger, I'd go with this (in no particular order):

    Who Really Cares
    I Don't Remember
    The Day You Come
    Waiting For The Sun
    Bless My Soul
    These Days (Bernard Solo)

    ...and then, just looking at my iTunes folder, I'd bung them a copy of 'Vulture Street'!!! :D There's not a song on there which isn't instantly accessible!

    For those about to dissect my choices, I don't own anything pre-Internationalist, except Give, Skinny Jean and Turtle's Head.

    I should really do something about that! :)

    -maikeru-, the reason they invented earplugs.
  • The whole Oddysey album brings tears to my eyes...My Happiness, The Metre, Waiting for the Sun, Thrilloilogy, These Days and We Should Be Together Now are the ones that bring back the most memories....Powderfinger are...amazing.

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    • jroliv said...
    • User
    • 7 Feb 2009, 21:33
    My Happiness
    Baby I've got you on my mind
    Wainting for the sun
    Lost and Running
    All of them

  • My Hapiness
    I don't remember
    whatever makes you happy
    Up and Down and Back Again

    "Zobaczyć świat oczami dziecka jeszcze raz...Pobiec przed siebie.."
  • Lost and Running (Live)

    -Check your pockets first...
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