• wheezer said...
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    • 20 Jan 2007, 09:47


    Post-techno stalwart, or immature fart sounds with distortion?

  • Breakcore with some kind of dark industrial influences is pretty nice, but (of course) no easy listining.

    Dark DnB "Satan-" / Breakcore stuff like Black Hoe Recordings - Like the Lorcscyric stuff..

    Break- / Speed- / Hardcore, the top of the mountain?

    US World Domination Tour - Bombing a country near you
    (1945 - ?)
  • couldn't really get around to liking breakcore
    most of the people i know associated with that sound are just kids (kidz?)
    mostly ravers
    and very candy at that
    kinda reminds me of the old hardcore days (daze?)of the early 90s
    except theres nothing really cute about it
    been there
    done that
    its like being a deadhead in the 2007
    it doesn't make sense anymore

    • wheezer said...
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    • 24 Jan 2007, 00:48
    On the other hand, I think that there have been some real moments of greatness, much like in hardcore of the early 90s.

    Venetian Snares is about 96% miss as far as I am concerned, but the other 4% are awesome - like the Addict 7" B-side he did. Electric kettle is awesome, 2/5bz did two peel session 12"es that are half breakcore, half turkish pop radio, etc.

    Of course, I also like immature fart sounds, especially when distorted.

  • maybe there should be a complitation
    "breakcore's greatest"
    or "300bpm" to keep with the 90s hardcore theme

    • wheezer said...
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    • 26 Jan 2007, 10:30

  • Hardcore greatest - stand near by a helix :D

    US World Domination Tour - Bombing a country near you
    (1945 - ?)
    • jxxx said...
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    • 29 Jan 2007, 09:11
    i dont like music that can have the word 'core' on the end of it. its usually blokey & funless

  • grindcore rules \m/

  • i really felt indifferent about breakcore until recently
    then shitmat came into my life
    grooverider is probably the most entertaining album i've heard in a long time
    made me hit soulseek up with searches for speed limit compliations.

    secret symbols of mu is also a worthwhile listen

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