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Created on: 5 Oct 2008
Quick definition: Any of various practices involving relationships with multiple partners with the knowledge and consent of all involved (including sexual intercourse, or not).

Some music talk...

Welcome mates! Like the quick definition says, this group's about Polyamory.
This group is connected with the newly discovered Non-Monogamy group, which is quite related but not exactly similar, as they well say in their description. Have a go on it. :)

Want further information about PA?
Here's a bunch of links from here, there (and everywheeeere... A cyber-kiss for the first to guess to which song that's coming from).
For the english part, please yourself on Wikipédia, or on various websites (we don't safe guarantee your eyes melting on some designs!) such as Franklin's polyamory FAQ, Poly Weekly, Poly In the media, Loving More, Polygrrl (nice design!), Practical Polyamory, and Planet Poly, an international planet for poly weblogs (if you have strong feelings about suscribe your into, feel free to ask the author...).
For french-speaking, we advise you the pretty complete website Polyamour Info, and you can also find informations in the brand new one Polyamour Fr (A little warning, however its rather interesting stuff, you'll need to have good french-speaking skills to read it...)
Finally, for spanish part (yeah, well, I assume you'll find other links in other languages than these 3, but I can't take to put them all, sorry. Wikipedia pages are well informed usually, get quite all from there), you will find your welfare on Poliamoria, or else Polyamor and of course, in listening the very interesting radio program
Casa de los mil cuartos.

Well, as we can assume you agree with the wonderful and rewarding feeling to find all what you need to know (and maybe more!) by yourselves, we won't bother you with an other description (than the one on your right).
So, let me introduce you the real hidden purpose of this group:
Rul'z this mad world by spreading love! Yeah!
No, just kidding! (oh, really, are we? ;) )

This group has very simple goals. :)
To share knowledge about polyamorous musical stuff. So, Polyfriendly, polyamourous, from all the world, your cousin did a great melody about an awesome fairytale on 2 beautiful princesses living with a singing toad prince? You heard about a famous singer sweetly rhyming about his/her assuming PA feelings? You know a great radio or want to create one which will concern PA?
Please us, Shout it! \o/

Or else, if you wake up a morning, wanting desperately write about polyamorous things (we just ask you to stay in the audio theme), feel free (freedom's so good...) to send me an article for posting. :)

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