Do you have a podcast?

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 7 Nov 2006, 23:11

    Do you have a podcast?

    I do... - It is an audio blog I do a couple of times a month...been a bit crazy trying to upload my latest episode...the servers haven't been working right. (what I get for using

    • nlnnet said...
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    • 23 Mar 2007, 13:16

    My Cast is called RoughMix

    It is a podcast about songwriting. It has at this moment 87 episodes.

    available at:


    • kabren said...
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    • 28 May 2007, 18:31

    Mine is Nerd News Radio

    Podcast about technology, science, and music.


  • bluedecker97? Who is Chopperkat? We are the same....

    Chopperkat's TIKI TOON


    Hypnotic visuals recorded from media player and set to a PLAYLIST. SONGS feature very current alternative, techno, dance, pop, british house, more.


    Despise not any person, and discard not anything,
    for there is not a person who has not an hour and
    there exists not a thing which has not its place.
    Talmud, Tracate Avoth 4.3
  • Buddhuza's Podcast
    This is my Georgian language podcast with my songs that are in English... That kinda sounds weird, ha? :)))

  • Song of the Day

    inspired by a who posts a new song everyday, i tried to keep this up for a while. the RSS is here..and the podcast's page is here.
    I don't really do it much anymore.. but have been experimenting with different uses of RSS / XML's, and other data and podcast type implementations to do various things.. such as turn music blogs into podcasts if they aren't, etc. I have a group, Yahoo Pipes and, come check it out if you're looking for some interesting web tricks, etc.

  • yep ;)

    here it is:
    the podcast is in georgian but the songs are in english ;)

    • westius said...
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    • 5 Sep 2008, 13:23

    science podcast

    Hi guys - good to see a podcast group here!
    I have a podcast - The Mr Science Show - we chat science, whether it be offbeat or serious. Here is the Feed.

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